Hey, penguins what is going on Here your penguin with another new article. Today’s question is what is used for or what is the advantage of the Linux operating system. SO today I’ll tell 5 Best advantage of the Linux operating system used for. Let’s talk about that. Where you might use it and then also some common and uncommon places that you might find Linux. I’ve been sure what it is you can think of Linux as similar to windows or mac OS with a few key differences. The big differences are that Linux is a free and open platform and this free as in cost.

But also in freedom, It’s also a lot smaller and it’s also very flexible. Its that flexibility is why used for so many things in fact there’s a lot of people that use Linux every day without even realizing it. We’ll talk about that in a second. Let’s get started before you start I have several things and I’ve ordered them roughly in terms of how dominant Linux is in a given area which brings us the first thing

1 Almost all Super Computer used Linux

super computer Linux operating system used for.
Super computer

Linux is used for that supercomputing. This area is an area where Linux is the undisputed grand champion in terms of market share in 2020 at least 99 percent of all supercomputers are running are Linux.

The previous number 1 spot was held by Unix and really there was no other platform that everything came close to either Unix or Linux. Linux came out in 1991. But it took about 8 years to mature before it started being used in supercomputing. But once he got a foothold in that was there for Unix from 2000 to 2010 it went from 5 percent market share to 90 percent market share.

There were a few reasons why Linux is the adoption of supercomputing was both broad and rapid. But it comes down to 1 thing that was the openness of the platform being able to create a custom Linux distribution. Just for supercomputing is hugely beneficial and that’s just something that Unix can’t do.

2 World largest Mobile Os runs on Linux operating system.

The next area its use as mobile devices. The largest most widely deployed mobile platform on planet earth of course is android. As in terms of market share, it’s probably a lot higher at 86 percent. I chose that number because that’s just to android only. If you take other mobile device platforms such as post-market OS which is pure Linux as opposed to android. Which is based on Linux then that number probably goes of 90 percent. So if you own an android phone then you benefit from Linux every single day.

3 Cloud Computing is running on a Linux operating system.

The next thing Linux uses for. This is a huge one is cloud computing in fact if you reading my article. It is 100 percent for sure it served to you by a Linux server somewhere in the cloud. It’s hard to say exactly what the market share is here. It’s thought to be about 84 percent for Linux. Just Google Facebook IBM and Amazon alone have around 4 million servers. I have to imagine there are tens of millions of servers worldwide maybe even 100 million and the vast majority of those are gonna be running Linux.

But to be sure this is an area where limits are not completely down on it. There are huge data centers out there running windows server. There are several sites that run on Microsoft technologies.

4 IOT technology taking advantage of Linux

The next major area was Linux is found as IoT devices. That’s whether it’s your ring doorbell on the friend’s house, your Google Home, or Amazon Alexa or the Nest thermostat on your wall. Every single one of those things is running on Linux. Roughly 75 percent of all IoT devices are running Linux. Then the remaining are probably just some bare metal operating systems or something proprietary

Linux is a real logical choice for IoT stuff. Because it’s small and it already has a lot of text available to do common things. That you would do in an IoT device. Such as maybe Bluetooth or wifi or interface with hardware. Otherwise from a manufacturing standpoint is designing a new IoT product. They want to offer both quick and cheap it makes sense to just pick Linux. which already does a lot of the core stuff they’re gonna need.

5 Linux gives Power to Self Driving cars.

The next place you’ll find Linux is in self-driving cars. This is true of both Teslas as well as the Google self-driving car. In the vast majority of cases outside of Google and Tesla if the car manufacturer is making a self-driving platform. Then they’re going to be using Linux as its base.

Window and Mac Os alternative is Linux nowadays.

The next place you’ll find Linux used is as a replacement for something like windows or mac OS. You can use Linux on the desktop in fact right now I’m writing this Article on the Linux. So when i am done writing article. I’m publish this article on my website. Which is hosted on Linux. Unfortunately Linux desktop market share is embarrassingly low. That’s due to the fact that it is kind of user unfriendly although that improves as each year goes.

As a Linux enthusaast myself. I always hold out hope that this year will be the year of the next desktop.

The largest machine in the world Large Hadron Collider.

Finally and this one is really cool. The largest machine in the world Large Hadron Collider runs on Linux across hundreds of thousands of cores. Its tens if not hundreds of petabytes of collision data. Linux indeed did contribute to the discovery of the Higgs boson particle for those cares. I believe they use the developed scientific Linux.


So the summary here is a Linux is prolific and its use in so many different places. For so many different things and as the years go by the number of things continues to increase if you have any questions or anything else on 5 Best advantage of the Linux operating system Article or if you want to share other places that you know Linux exists. How you use Linux day to day basis. If you not using Linux then check out my 5 lightweight Linux article and pic one of them and start your Linux journey today You should let me know in the comments below.

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