Hey guys this is your penguin and welcome to linuxcan. So the most perceptive of you might have picked up on the fact. That I am a Linux user analytics lover and some of you might also be a Linux user. I mean most of you probably are and you guys might have your own reasons to use Linux. I do have my own 7 reasons why I use and love Linux and its derivatives. They’re coming to yours. Maybe they’re not but I think it’s time. I reaffirm my commitment to using Linux my listing the 7 main reasons. Why I think Linux is the best operating system for my use case.

Linux Security and privacy

So now let’s move on to the reasons that pushed me to use Linux. The first places in no particular order. The first reason that comes to mind is security and privacy. I’ve been growing increasingly wary of companies. That tries to use your data and sell them to the highest bidder all track everything. You do like for example Google and I’ve been trying to free myself off most of Google’s services. That almost worked except for android and YouTube. But I really like the fact that Linux doesn’t really push you into a corner in that type of stuff. In its distributions don’t try and sell your data to the highest bidder.

Disable data Collection in Linux.

They don’t collect your personalized info. They don’t collect hardware info they don’t collect user data. Well, some distributions do but most of the time we can just disable it. For instance with the Ubuntu where I can disable data collection after the install the distro. On KDE wherein the user, the data tracker is disabled by default. As well now Linux Don’t want to show you ads in their menu and want to reset your privacy preferences in your every update. Linux is just here to let your computer do what it’s supposed to do. Which is to give you a working environment. The fact that a Linux distribution doesn’t have an agenda. Also improved by the fact that Linux is more secure by default. Most of the security admittedly comes from the fact. That it’s a much smaller target for hackers all writers of malicious code.

These people want to target the place where they are the most people to ransom with the ransomware or the place where they can have the most impact in terms of viruses zombie bot creations and stuff like that and for now, this is windows and not Linux our market share has been improved steadily for the last 2 months past recently 3 percent according to net market share but it’s still the smallest target out there and as such Linux desktop is pretty free of viruses and even if there’s a virus has been detected it’s pretty much patched out immediately and that’s thanks to the second reason.

Linux is open Source

The second reason is the fact that Linux is open source. Everybody can look at the code modifying it tweak it and yes. It also means that hackers and malicious code writers can look at it and try to find vulnerabilities but there. How often the more people looking at the code to patch out these vulnerabilities than people looking in to try and write new ones. And recently we got the Huawei situation where Huawei employee was caught trying to pass a large vulnerability into the Linux kernel either by accident or not and this has been detected immediately and has been corrected even before the patch was submitted to the Linux kernel. So it shows that this system is secure. The open source model really makes Linux more secure but that’s not the only thing

Open source Community

I like the open-source community. You see there’s a whole mentality whole philosophy around Linux and the open-source thing. The whole community just comes together to make something that is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s what I really like about this like people working together to try and improve stuff fix stuff. Likewise creating more new things and work in the same direction or in multiple ones.

If they want to now I’m not a developer. And, I couldn’t understand the source code of most of the projects. I use even if I tried but I can contact the developer with the specific issue with a feature request. All just to talk and most of the time these things can be included. I can even sponsor them to work on that as a priority. Try to do that with a proprietary software company. You can try it but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Linux is free for everyone.

The third reason out of 7 reasons why I use and love Linux and its derivatives. The fact that it is free as in free beer. Most Linux distributions will not ask you for any money. Before you can use the desktop. That’s true of most programs available mix as well no. I do understand and I do respect the fact that developers need to eat. That their work deserves their contribution. But they are not trying to force it down your throat. Before you even got a chance to try the product that making the Linux distro.

They’re making some software and they’re letting you try it. You should like it. You can contribute to whatever they built. And that’s the beauty of this. There are no subscriptions no huge one-time fees. You can donate contributes tried out and pay what you like. If you like. But Linux distro is not liked to a specific piece of hardware. There’s no CD key, there are no limits to the number of installs that are gonna make of the same. But just on the hardware, you can try it and if you like it. You can pay for it. This brings me to the fourth reason why we really like Linux.

Everyone can contribute to the Linux Community.

That’s the contribution thing like if you’re a developer or if you’re a tester or if you’re a product manager. you can contribute directly to a project. you can take it in your own hands you can code stuff. you can rival stuff you can write documentation. what specifications or even test the various issues in beta. But if you’re not there are plenty more ways that you can contribute. We can have marketing or can simply help with donations. There are a lot of avenues to help. You do that almost all projects nowadays have some patron page GitHub sponsor page PayPal link. Whatever you want if you cannot contribute with your skills because your skills are not suited to.

The work that’s needed to contribute the project on Linux itself you can contribute monetary donations. There are plenty of avenues to let you do that. With the regular employees from patron all through any other means. I really like the fact that you can give some of your time some of your skills for some of your money. If you don’t feel like it to help these projects advance and now we dive into a more personal aspect which is customization and tinkering.

Linux is the most Tweakable and configurable Os.

Linux is by far the most TweeKable and configurable operating system. You’ve got the choice in the desktop environment in software in themes in icons in the position of in applets or petals everywhere on the desktop. This is a system that you can tweak and changed to your liking to look exactly and work exactly as you want. On windows sure you can change a few things. But apart from using third-party software. You’re pretty much locked into the experience Microsoft gives you. On the other hand Mac Os you basically cannot change anything. So Linux is the only system that allows you to tweak and Tinker ensures. Now I also love using Linux because of tinkering and the learning experience using Linux taught me a lot of stuff about how computers work and how my operating system interacts with my hardware.

It was a very interesting experience and sure most of the stuff I learned it was because back in 2006 when I started using Linux everything didn’t work quite well and I had to configure and tweak and look for answers but that taught me so much about computers it really got me into them like completely and I don’t really care about a computer before just wanted something that looked good and now I’m basically a big nerd so thanks Linux for that.

Linux gives more opportunities to learn stuff.

But more seriously Linux gives me more opportunities to learn stuff about my computer. The programs how they interact together on how they work together. That basically makes it the ultimate operating system. Because I like learning new things this might not be a valid reason for some of you guys. Most people probably don’t care about how the computer works. But if you’re interested in it nothing will teach you better than using Linux. Now yet another subjective reason I think for me and my use case. That Linux is the most used operating system. There is I tried windows I tried mac OS 10 but Linux gives me the better experience out of the 3 is just past it’s smooth it’s highly configurable it works the way I wanted to.

And if you stick to programs made for one desktop environment. It’s a lot more cohesive and a more coherent experience. Then what you can find on any other proprietary OS. This usability thing is also helped by the fact that I can choose the desktop. I like and I can configure it any way I want. Which makes the various behaviors of the system apps and the third-party apps that I installed more coherence and more suitable to work in the same way now. The image of Linux being made for techies. This might be true in order to get things to work in the first place. But once everything works the Linux desktop. He’s basically a system made for everybody. I think it’s a lot more designed for the user than what mac OS or windows are.

The Linux online community.

The last main reason out of 7 reasons why I use and love Linux and its derivatives. I really love and enjoy using Linux is its online community. This is something that often gets Criticized online The Linux community the Linux users and they are supposed to be trolls they are supposed to be mean they’re supposed to be unfriendly to Noobs. But in my experience, this hasn’t been the case at all you can have discussions, exchanges. You can discuss the various point of view and often. When you don’t react in an aggressive way you can have very interesting conversations even with people that disagree with you.

Learning experience on the Linux forums

The learning experience the forums. That gets you online help everything is geared towards letting you understand and master your system. So sure the tolerance for somebody who hasn’t looked up any answers on Google. He’s asking the most basic thing is pretty low. That’s unfortunate but in the end. If you’re willing to be a little bit open-minded. You’re willing to not be aggressive in your answers. You can have pretty interesting conversations and obviously as in other communities. You might burn heads with people. That is they are to troll or to assert their dominance. Because they use another system another thing that’s what you use but in the end, most people are really nice friendly and useful.

That’s really something I enjoy about Linux. These communities might exist in other systems. I have not interacted with them. But I really enjoy the interactions I’ve had with the Linux community.

Here are my 7 reasons why I use and love Linux and its derivatives. Why I prefer using Linux over Windows or Mac OS. Your is might different. You might even prefer another operating system and I’d love to hear about these reasons so let me know down in the comments. What you prefer using Linux or any other operating system over something else. We’ll discuss them there thank you guys for reading. I hope you guys enjoy the article.

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