Hey, what’s going on penguins. This is Linuxcan back here again. This is gonna be kind of a quick article but I figured it was important enough to make an article about. So today the raspberry pi foundation has announced a couple of really cool things first we have All-New 8Gb Raspberry pi 4 and Raspberry Pi OS, Unfortunately not much else has changed. Here in the GPU and CPU department. But now we have an 8-gigabyte version for $75. Which are something I’m definitely gonna be getting my hands on and I’m pretty sure that these are gonna be available in most places like microcenter Chicago electronics? So now there are 4 versions of the raspberry pi 4 you can pick up.

The 1-gigabyte model 2 gigabyte model 4 gigabyte model and the 8 gigabytes. They actually slipped up in their user guide. When the raspberry pi 4 was first announced if we a look here 2 gigabytes, 4-gigabyte, 8-gigabyte variants. Some people thought this was a misprint other people thought that the 8-gigabyte version was coming and of course it was.

They did have a plan but they just didn’t have the ram modules available at the time. But now they’re available an 8 gig LPDDR 4 package right. Here on your raspberry pi 4 now. This is awesome news. This really isn’t gonna help out in the emulation department. But for other applications like building a little server or a home nas. This is gonna be an awesome little feature for the raspberry pi 4. They’ve doubled the ram of the top tier raspberry pi 4 brought up all the way up to 8 gigs. Now while This in itself is awesome news.

The main changes New 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4.

There is some more here and we’ll get over to the main changes of the board in a second. But they did address the 64-bit operating system of raspbian. The raspbian has been totally renamed to Raspberry pi OS. There is a beta for the 64-bit version right here I’ll leave a link HERE. I will be testing this out as soon as I get my hands on the All-New 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4 models. There is still no hardware video acceleration in VLC or chromium. This is something that definitely needs to be addressed this board has been out for a while. We really need video acceleration here.

They even mention in this article that they’re still working on the Vulcan driver for the raspberry pi 4. The 64 bit operating systems have been available in the past. There’s some been hacked up version of raspbian but you can also install the 64-bit version of Ubuntu too. You can just do a quick Google search now as for the other changes on the board. The switcher has been moved and will take a look at that now.

All New 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4  Is Here! And Raspberry Pi OS
All New 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4 Is Here! And Raspberry Pi OS

Physically changes on Raspberry Pi 4.

So on the left-hand side, we have the original pie for 1 2 and 4-gigabyte model. Over on the right-hand side, We have the new 8-gigabyte model basically all that’s been swapped around are added to this board is the new LPDDR 4 8 gigabyte module. That’s replaced the 1, 2, and 4-gigabyte module and they’ve also removed the switch mode power supply. Which used to be up by the USB 2.0 ports on the original pie 4 the 1, 2, and 4-gigabyte model and they’ve moved it right next to the USB type C power connector. So theoretically all cases in heat sinks for the original raspberry pi 4 1, 2, and 4-gigabyte model will fit on the raspberry pi 8-gigabyte model. So if you already on something even use them. You really don’t have to worry about that.


So yeah that’s pretty much it for this little article. I really appreciate you reading. I just wanted to give you this quick heads up here it is available right now from a lot of different retailers for $75. So we now have a new raspberry pi 4 with 8 gigs of ram build it and I mean saying it out loud is pretty crazy I thought 4 gigs was a lot for the raspberry pi 4.

I’ve been messing around with the raspberry pi since the original one came out. That one only had 256 megabytes of ram. If you wanna learn more about this new model Let me know in comments. And don’t forget to check out the new raspberry pi OS 64 bit version. If you’re rocking this new 8-gigabyte model. But that’s it for this one if you have any questions let me know in the comments below all have one in my possession soon for a full review and like always thanks for reading. This is Linuxcan sign in off.

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