Hey Penguins, this is a penguin and welcome to linuxcan. These are the next open-source and privacy news for the end of April 2020. This month we have some big releases with Fedora 32 and a Ubuntu 20.04. Including its variety of derivatives. We also have some window manager improvements for the gnome and KDE and more hardware shipping Linux. So let’s take a look at this Linux News article.

KWinFt Project for KDE Window Manager.

On April 16, The Kwin KDE window manager has been forked to speed up its development in certain areas. KWinFT as its call has a few Goals mainly improving composition performance and improving support for Wayland. These goals are already well underway in the first release of the window manager but why for kids. Meanwhile, the developer says it’s to avoid KWin becoming unstable due to the rapid pace of development. This has proven controversial already. so we’ll have to see how this develops. The KWin FT is a drop-in replacement which means that it shouldn’t break anything related to KDE. If you decide to move over to it.

The next news is, On April 17 matter the Gnome compositor and window manager now support full screen on redirects for Wayland. This means that programs that run full screen like games can no bypass. The composers to be displayed when using Wayland and this benefits from increased performance. It also solves the screen tearing problem that the same model has on X11. So it should be one of the main advantages of Wayland for future gaming on Linux.

April 20, 2020, The DX VK 1.6.1 was released with a host of bug fixes for DirectX 9 and some Vulcan fixes. The Nvidia systems a few games specific problems have also been solved including for Battlefield 2, Half-life Alex Crisis heavy rain, or many more.

On 21st April 2020, Canonical and Ubuntu team have published a small retrospective of a Ubuntu to appearing in popular TV shows and movies, and while it’s not exactly news.

It’s still nice to see that a few very popular shows like the Big Bang theory or Veronic marks feature the open-source OS.

Debian Drop Supports to old Hardware.

April 22 Debian decided to drop older hardware support namely some very old input and video drivers. The official reason is that they are unmaintained upstream and provide no value to destroy itself. This has stirred up quite a controversy as Debian was usually very well regarded in terms of stability and compatibility. I can’t fault them for this the burden of keeping old stuff alive. On the other hand, no one is really maintaining or evolving the drivers are pretty hard so some stuff has to be removed at some point.

The Vivaldi Browser Partnered with Duck duck go.

The Vivaldi browser partnered up with duck duck go to implement their tracker radar. This feature is in your browser to block tractors without breaking websites. It’s faster and more precise than most other solutions out there and Vivaldi is now probably better for it this re-inforces. The various moves Vivaldi has made to implement some privacy-focused features such as a default ad-blocker. Since Vivaldi uses the same course brave namely chromium. It’s really starting to eat its lunch and it’s really nice to see so many browsers focusing on being more private and more secure.

The release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

April 23 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released. The new LTS will be supported for the next 5 years. It will be the base block on which a lot of other distros will be built. It’s a fast and smooth release with Gnome 3.36. The removal of the Amazon web app and, a lot of tweaks to the theme of which now looks even better in my opinion. I have Planed to review the article to tell you about Gnome 3.36. That we’re work gonna Ubuntu 20.04 started on the code names excellent since we’ll be greeting the groovy gorilla in 6 months.

Proton-Mail has open-sourced. The code for its Android app which means that old proton mail clients on fully open source. So the beta applications still stay close source for now but at least if you’re using this service you can be assured. That it’s transparent and that people can contribute and monitor the code. It’s great to see such privacy-focused services also embracing. The cause of free and open-source software and makes proton mail even more interesting as a mail solution.

The Lenovo will start shipping some of its highly praised Think-Pad laptops with the fedora. Without any specific tweaks, all customizations are applied and Lenovo will only ship software from the official fedora repos. So the values of the distro still perfectly respected. Three models will debut the partnership but more will probably come later. It’s super encouraging to see big hardware manufacturers supporting Linux like that. It also means that these machines would probably run any distro out of the box without any tweaks.

New Wine update.

The wine 5.7 was released with an updated moto engine and more work on the USB device driver. It also brings new stuff to WineD3D Vulkan backend and fixes 38 Bugs for various programs including heroes of might and magic4 and Detroit become human.

April 29. The fair phone version 3 will support the E operating system. This ethical phone is built for repairability and sources ethically made components. So it’s only fair if you pardon the pun that it would support a fully Google’s version of android. This third installment of the fair phone will release on may 6 and will cost a little bit less than $500. Those interested in the E operating system don’t hesitate to subscribe to the website newsletter. If you’re not already there will be an article about the exact project at the end of the month.

The Fedora 32 was released supporting the newest gnome 3.36 and all of its improvements. The new extensions application more performance and responsiveness redesigned settings. A new card-based layout in the shell better application folders app grid. The fedora 32 is the smoothest implementation of the Gnome I have seen and well worth giving a try. So if you’re not allergic to RPM packages.

Open-source video editor KDENLive.

The KDENLive 20.04 was released and it’s a big one for users of the open-source video editing king. It brings the ability to easily scale the resolution of the creation monitored for improved performance better motion tracking. A lot of new ways to sort and organize clips of the pan including color-coding. A multi-cam editing interface and support for the open timeline IO format. This means that kdenlive can open timelines from the final cut 7, final cut pro, and adobe premiere. Keyframes in various effects now also have a zoom bar to make it easier to see them and move them. around and a bunch of effects and panels have received a facelift. The Kdenlive is still my favorite open source video editing solution and one worth a look if you’re in the market for such a tool.

A new Pop Os release.

April 30 since Xubuntu release notes were readily available. When I writing this article review I couldn’t talk about what’s new there. But the team has released a video showcasing their latest version. It’s a short 2-minute video so don’t hesitate to take a look if you’re interested in that light weight spin of Xubuntu 20.04. Continuing on the xubuntu 20.04 release craze. Pop os 20.04 was released a few days after the official Ubuntu 20.04.

The Pop os is created by system 76. A Linux hardware manufacturer and it’s one of the better spin-offs of ubuntu with a lot of tweaks and improvements. But make the default experience a little bit better. The most prominent feature is auto tiling. The auto tilling allowing you to tile windows really easily through a specific menu in the notifications panel. They also support flat back out of the box. As well as a hybrid graphics mode allowing you to run specific apps using the dedicated GPU well the rest of the system uses the integrated warm. Pop os is really good almost good enough to make me leave elementary os. I hope you enjoy this Linux news article.

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