In this article How to create a Gmail account, we start using google service GMAIL which widely uses email service in the world. There are many more email service exist likewise yahoo mail, Microsoft’s Hotmail or outlook service. Meanwhile, we discuss Gmail which is very easy to use and its tips and tricks which are more beneficial for us in day to day use.

so let’s start using Gmail and I tell you its some tips and tricks. First, we see how can we create a Gmail account, you can create an email account on desktop and on mobile. we see all this tutorial on desktop.

How To Create Gmail Account

On Desktop firstly Open your favorite browser, it could be google chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any other. After that open google and type Gmail and click the very first link. or click the opening page of Gmail text therefor you redirect on the page where you can create a Gmail account.

Click Create account text. you can find two submenu.

Fisrt say account for youself

Second say account for business

Click one of them and create your google account appears where you can fill your name your last name your EMAIL ID/username(in user name you can only use letter number and period) and your password. The password must be more than eight characters and a mix of alphanumeric words and symbols.

creating gmail account error image
Creating a Gmail account error image

Therefore if you chose your username which already exists in google database it will give you an error. Above image, I fill username and password which did not contain alphanumeric words or symbols. as a result, you have to choose a unique username and a password must be contained alphanumeric words or symbols. Google will give you some usernames suggestions if you like one of them you can choose one of them or try to think a unique user name. Then click next.

Verify Mobile Number

Verify Number
Verify Number

After clicking next you see verify phone Number Screen where you put your mobile Number And an OTP will send to your phone, that OTP you put on next window.

Information to create gmail account
Information to create a Gmail account

As a result, when you put OTP you will see the above image where you can put a recovery mail, you can put your friend’s email or if you have another email account that email could be Gmail account or any other likewise we discuss before yahoo, Hotmail. This email will use when you forget your password you can reset your password with the help of that email. Other information is your birth date and your gender.

So after filling all your information click next and then accept terms and conditions.

Welcome To Gmail.

First Page of Gmail
First Page of Gmail

After all that you will see the welcome screen likewise above image where you can click next.

Choose your Gmail View
Choose your Gmail View

After click next choose your view screen will appear where you can choose default comfortable and compact view you can select one of them. I choose the default view but you can choose whatever you like. if you do not like the view of that so no problem you can change this. which we can see our net tutorial.

So this is how you can create a Google Gmail Account which is so useful and so simple to use. Next Tutorial we learn how to send emails and some other very useful tips and tricks about Gmail.

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  1. To create Gmail login is just a simple process that is very important for every Gmail account user to gain access to his or her email services network. However, the Gmail login contains your username which is a chosen email address. and also, a strong password which could contain your pet or favorite character with a number.

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