Secure your wifi network is essential but it isn’t difficult even if you’re not the best friends with technology. You’d be surprised how you can secure wifi network is and how vulnerable. You are on open wifi. If somebody gets into your home network they could potentially collect your private information or send death threats to the president of the United States from your IP address. If you connect to a hostile network your phone could be controlled by hackers. Forever and you wouldn’t notice until you lose access to all the accounts and end up facing insane credit card debt and if you somehow think that cybersecurity doesn’t concern by 2020 the global cost of cybercrime will reach $6000000000000 when that every year. So in this article, we learn How to secure your wifi network Tutorial with wifi security guide.

This wifi network security tutorial will be easy the goal is to help as many people as possible secure their networks. Because the security of computers also has something of equivalence to herd immunity. If everybody around you is a secure network each individual network is that much more difficult to target. So share this article with your friends and neighbors or just pass on the knowledge to others.

The first step to Secure wifi network Tutorial.

In addition, you need to make sure your home network is encrypted, And all the default passwords are changed. So this is a very easy step the most effective one. If you only do this you’re already way ahead in your security.

The easiest way to access your router settings is to log into the router’s web interface. This is usually an IP address of your router you can find it displayed in a router or in the documentation. That arrived with it in the original packaging you can find.

Second way to find the router IP address

You can also use your phone to get your router’s IP address. On mac Linux, And mobile devices you can find your router’s default gateway in the network settings of your connections. On Linux Open your terminal and prompt should pop up and in a terminal type IP route and press enter. If you’re connected to a wifi router wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable, Your router’s IP address will be displayed as default gateway tied to. This IP address into your browser URL bar we normally type website name.

Default gateway image
Default gateway

So now you ask for an admin name and password. This should be the default password that is displayed on a router or on a sticker. That has wifi’s name and password you used to connect your wifi network. Beware that the admin password is not the same as the password you use to log into your wifi is that your router’s admin name and password will be admin and admin. Every router firmware will look slightly different so I cannot follow any particular device. That would suit all the same principles and settings however apply equally to all firmware interfaces when you log into the router’s web interface.

Choose security settings on the router

So the first thing to do is to go to security settings and here choose the strongest encryption available. This should be WPA or WPA 2 if the router doesn’t support is encryption. I recommend you buy and more modern router this is absolutely essential as the older standard WEP encryption has been broken years ago.

However, an option for no encryption leaves our network open for anyone to connect to spy on and exploit encryption. however, it only works with a strong password chance are high that you never change the default password or you made it. Something easily guessable. Make it passphrase that is at least 16 characters long and easily memorable the longer the Phasphrase the better.

Meanwhile, when you change your passphrase you’ll need to enter on all your devices in order to reconnect to the wifi network.

Change wifi name or SSID

You’d also change wifi’s name to something that doesn’t reveal your router model or manufacturer and doesn’t identify with your household. So not your pet’s name or street name with house number. So to change your wifi SSID go to the WLAN setting and there you see your old SSID change them to the new one.

On the other hand, after the change, your wifi SSID doesn’t leave your router’s interface yet. You also need to change. Your default admin name and password so the hackers cannot get access to router settings and change them to get. To access our network again. You something that doesn’t identify you and for a password use a strong passphrase make sure it is different from your wifi network passphrase.

If you want you can easily write down these passwords and names and store them somewhere safe in your home if you lose your passwords you can easily factory reset your router to its default settings.

There is usually button this somewhere on the router you can press with a pen or a needle.

Router reset button
Router reset button

You should also update your firmware. This should be possible to do from the router’s web interface router firmware doesn’t usually come with many updates. So you don’t have to check this option too often, but if you haven’t checked for updates since you bought a router. it is time to do it now.

Always enable the firewall.

If your router supports it enable firewall. That is to say, Firewall is a crucial part of secure networking for all connected devices. You shouldn’t use any device without a firewall. In Linux search for firewall settings and make sure your firewall is always on for all types of networks set all the wifi networks. You connect to that are outside of your home to public networks. This increases the firewall protection of your PC. On Linux, the easiest way to enable firewall is to use Terminal. For example, I use ubuntu, so I open the terminal and check if my firewall is off or on.
Type command with root privileges sudo ufw status.

Linux firewall setting
Linux firewall setting

For instance, you can see I run command and my systems firewall is enabled.

Always use a VPN on public wifi.

If you need to use a public or open wifi network use it with Tor or VPN. A VPN or Tor on phone will disable your application firewall. which means you are not secure even you are on Vpn or tor. That’s why Web browsing on the desktop is safer to stay secure on the public wifi. I wouldn’t recommend connecting your phones to a public wifi network in a hotel or airport.

However, this alone protects you against the vast majority of threats. You’ll ever face changing other settings adds more inconvenience for smaller marginal increasing security. So if you care about those margins you can set mac address filtering.

Set up Mac Filtering On wifi Router.

The best way to approach this is the first to connect all the devices. That you regularly use on your home network and then only allow they’re connected mac addresses. This does make it more difficult for other devices to try to connect to a network. However, someone within the range of your wifi could use tools to observe your network traffic find the whitelisted mac addresses and change their mac address to one that matches with your white list.

In addition, some people recommend hiding SSID but I can’t vouch for this one hiding your wifi doesn’t stop its broadcast and doesn’t make it invisible to network analysis tools. Which are available for free and require little skill to operate it also adds unnecessary convenience. Your part is you’d have to manually type to the full name of your network on any new device.


The most secure network is one that doesn’t exist. That is why it is most recommended to ditch wifi all together and use Ethernet cables for all devices. Including your phone get an Ethernet adapter for USB C or lightning connection and plug it into your phone disable wifi connections on a router completely. This can be done via its web interface but some routers have a hardware switch. To disable wireless connection on a mobile and laptop devices delete old collections if you connect to a hostile network somebody could trigger location by sniffing or past connections they could also create a fake wifi hotspot with the same name
as their trust in its work tricking and trick your device into connecting to it automatically

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