Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. It is from Google so it’s a very secure and really fast will experience very smooth browsing on today we install Google chrome in Ubuntu 20.04

However, firefox is the biggest competition for chrome and firefox is also pre-install on almost every Linux distribution and ita big plus point is it is open source web browser.

Google chrome is not an opensource browser but you can use Google open-source chromium-web-browser it is very similar to chrome but chrome has more features then chromium.

Features that not available in chromium

  • Chromium can’t do automatic updates.
  • Don’t have an integrated adobe flash player.
  • It doesn’t have API keys for all google services.

These are some features are not available by default in chromium by default. however, you can enable or add manually. Because its source code available to modify many Linux distribution do changes and add many features.

How do I install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux? Thee are two methods to that:

  • Install Google Chrome through Graphically.
  • Install Google chrome through Terminal.

Installing Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux Graphically.

Open your existing browser after that go to the Google Chrome website or click here. You will page which has Download Chrome Button Click that.

Click Download Button
Click Download Button

After clicking the download button you will see the next page which will ask you to select what package you want to download for example we use ubuntu and Ubuntu is Debian based operating system. Debian default package is deb package so we download .deb file.

Select package to Download
Select package to Download

After select .deb package click on accept and install as a result, you will prompt to next page which will ask you to run the application with or save the package.

Always Select save option because if there is an issue to installation so you’ll have to download the package again. its good practice to save the package.

So after complete the download, your package will be in the default location. The default location is your home directory download folder.

To install Double click on package
To install Double click on package

You almost done to install google chrome on Linux. now just double click on the package and it will open with the software center where you see the install button click on that and it will ask your password type password and hit enter and your installation begin.

Click to install
Click to install

once your installation finished to run chrome search chrome by pressing window key and type chrome and click the chrome icon. welcome screen appears where you can get started or sign in with your Gmail id to sync to know how to create a Gmail account click HERE. it will sync all your bookmarks history and all your chrome extensions from other devices where you use Google Chrome with the same Google account.

Welcome Screen on chrome
Welcome Screen on chrome

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Terminal

Above you see how to install chrome graphically. Now we will learn how to install chrome through terminal

It is not easy as we install graphically but it’s not that complicated you think.

To install chrome through terminal first you download that deb package but this time we download package with the command line. To download files on the terminal from the internet is wget.


After running the command your file will download in same download folder. now you go to terminal with cd command. After going to the folder you install deb package with dpkg command.

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

After the installation process, you can find your chrome in the start menu likewise we fine before. so that’s it you can see with terminal only two command enough to install chrome.

HOW TO UPDATE Google Chrome

You don’t have to update chrome manually because in Linux every update provided by repository and when you installed chrome its repository will add your list so when you update your ubuntu chrome will update with that. you can check Google repository and another update repository in apt folder here I show you google repository.

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list

Here is output of file:

Output of source list
Output of source list


Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu is a simple task. It’s not available in the software center but you can download and install it pretty much the same way as you do in Windows and macOS.

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