Hey penguins, This is your penguin and welcome to Linuxcan. These are your Linux, open-source, and privacy news for the first half of May 2020. This month we have huge advancements to the Mozilla Firefox password manager. The release of Inkscape 1.0. Health life Alex releasing natively on Linux and halo 2 working on it and some concerns of our Huawei contributions Linux kernel. let’s take a look at what happened. this month’ on Mozilla, Inkscape, Ubuntu studio, Huawei- cyber news.

News from Mozilla.

Mozilla released a private relay Firefox extension that allows you to generate email aliases. That is directed to a real email address. These aliases can be removed at any point to stop receiving any email communications and avoid spam and persistent newsletters. That you just can’t seem to unsubscribe from.
Complete Story https://relay.firefox.com/

Firefox 76 was released and he strengthens the browser security even more. If site passwords have leaked or have been reused. The password manager will issue a warning and prompt you to update your password. You can also auto-generate strong passwords for you and save them to the password manager. So you can forget about them and sync them across devices with these changes. It seems that there are not wise password manager might be one of the best available out there natively in a web browser.
Complete Story https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/76.0/releasenotes/

New Inkscape is Available.

Inkscape 1.0 was released after 3 years of development. Inkscape was already super stable and usable but this 1.0 milestone marks a big step for the open-source vector drawing app. This new version brings better performance and a native version of mac OS 10 which uses an X quartz server before. It’s built using GTK 3. So it supports high DPI and custom themes icons and fonts a lot of the various tools and features have also been improved and while these changes are completely beyond my understanding. You should take a look at the release notes if you want to learn more.
Complete Story https://inkscape.org/news/2020/05/04/introducing-inkscape-10/

Star labs laptop with manjaro.

Star labs the computer maker now ships its laptops with manjaro. They designed their own hardware and already shipped various Linux distros. But manjaro no part of their roster. If you’re looking for sleek-looking devices running Linux out of the box. These machines have a wide range of prices and configurations although they only come with qwerty keyboards.
Complete Story https://starlabs.systems/pages/distributions

Linux Market share Doubled.

May 6 it seems like Linux usage might have doubled in April. As reported by net market share for the full 2.87 percent of desktop market share compared to 1.36 in March. It seems to have been driven by Ubuntu using being multiplied by 7. A huge spike might mean that either some the Linux distros weren’t correctly accounted for before maybe. It could also be a reporting error that has already happened before but it’s still encouraging to see the Linux desktop growing. Even if it’s still the smallest player in the field. As I said previously we don’t need 50 percent market share to make sure Linux exists in the desktop landscape 8 to 10 percent would be large enough to faster developer interest.
complete Story https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/05/linux-marketshare-april-2020

Ubuntu Studio To Replace Xfce.

Ubuntu studio announced that 20.04 would be the last version to use XFCE by default. As they will be switching to KDE plasma for 20.10. The fact that KDE has better graphical tools for digital photographers better Wacom tablet support. He’s now as lightweight as XFCE out of the box. This change will, however, require users to fully reinstall the systems. When they switch to 20.10. As system upgrades will result in broken systems.
Complete Story https://ubuntustudio.org/news/

Gnome 3.36 start applications using a dedicated GPU.

Gnome 3.36 added an option in the app launcher to start applications using a dedicated GPU and hybrid graphics machines. But this feature is not part of the free desktop specification. So other desktop environments can now implement it as well. It also means that users will be able to set these apps to always start using the dedicated GPU instead of having to choose that option every time they launch them. Let’s hope KDE Plasma penalty on in other desktop environments make good use of that new specification.
Complete Story https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/05/the-linux-desktop-entry-specification-gets-a-way-to-automatically-use-a-discrete-gpu-merged-into-gnome

Wine 5.8 released

Wine 5.8 was released with support for plug and play device notifications more progress on that wine direct3d Vulcan backend and the usual bug fixes namely 44 this time including for gta4 for total war shogun 2 Warcraft 3 Darksiders all street fighter 5 arcade edition.
Complete Story https://www.winehq.org/announce/5.8

Helo 2 was released on PC

Helo 2 was released on PC as part of the master chief collection. The single-player component runs on Linux was proton just like combat evolved. Which makes 3 hello games playable on Linux as incredible as it sounds as always. The multiplayer doesn’t work because of the anti-cheat. Which is still a big pain point for Linux gaming. I’ll probably be playing both combat evolved and halo 2 on my PC. Although probably not on legendry difficulty since I’m terrible at games.
Complete Story https://store.steampowered.com/app/1064270/Halo_2_Anniversary/

Huawei submitted Linux Kernel Patch.

Huawei submitted a patch to the Linux Kernel called Huawei kernel self-protection supposed to harden kernel security with a big problem. It seems that this patch would add a trivially easy to access vulnerability in the kernel.
Now any other company would only have been suspected of having overlooked it. But since this is Huawei Chinese company there are concerns over the voluntary nature of that vulnerability. That could act as a back door. Huawei denied making this contribution and stated that it was made by Huawei employee on his own time which has been confirmed by the employee as well whether that was intentional not it’s certain that some companies’ contributions will be more scrutinized than others.
Complete Story https://www.zdnet.com/article/huawei-denies-involvement-in-buggy-linux-kernel-patch-proposal/

Linux Is The Most In-Demand OS On Microsoft Azure.

Linux is now the most used platform on azure Microsoft’s cloud service Linux-based systems account for 60 percent of all used OS on the platform and what that’s not surprising since Linux has always been king in the server market. It shows that even customers turning to Microsoft for the infrastructure prefer using Linux based servers. Maybe they will finally put rest of the Microsoft hates Linux statements.
Complete Story https://fossbytes.com/forget-windows-linux-is-the-most-in-demand-os-on-microsoft-azure/

Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source.

The city of Munich in Germany is switching back to open-source software. They had already made the switch to Linux before going back to Microsoft solutions. Now they’re turning around again and moving to open-source software. There is no word on which software. They will use precisely or if they will move to Linux again. The mistake they had made in the past, in my opinion, was using a custom distro called limux instead of one of the already available well-supported distributions with commercial support such as a red hat or Ubuntu. Let’s hope they don’t repeat that mistake.
Complete Story https://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-not-windows-why-munich-is-shifting-back-from-microsoft-to-open-source-again/

New ubuntu-touch-ota-12-release-276.

The new version of Ubuntu touch has been released based on unity eight also called Lumira. This new over the year updates brings a lot of good stuff with the new home screen. A lot of small tweaks to the theme to make it pop a little more contrast and a ton of web browser improvements support for multi-colored notification EDs is now implemented as well and it can be used to indicate a low battery charge or simply notifications. If you already have a device running Ubuntu touch. You should be able to get the over the air updates in the device’s settings.
Complete Story https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-12-release-276

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