Ubuntu is getting a brand new remixed version which is absolutely fantastic. In this article, I’ll be taking a walkthrough of the brand new Ubuntu DDE 20.04. This version of the gorgeous looking deepin desktop environment is now available with the stability and trust of ubuntu. The deepin is a Linux distro famous for its stunningly beautiful homegrown desktop environment. Which became hugely popular with the Linux community.

many people wish to experience and enjoy this fantastic desktop. However, not many of us could not due to an unfortunate controversy involving user personal data security. So it is based in China which I’ll clarify and explain in detail later.

In this article., We were one of those who really like deepin desktop and wanted to use it. I’ve got good news for you. Ubuntu is a new remix that gives you deepin desktop environment on top of Ubuntu. Similarly, Now you can enjoy Deepin desktop with peace of mind knowing that your personal data is 100% safe and secure.

Let’s check out the new Ubuntu DDE 20.04 LTS. How it performs, what’s new year, how stable it is? are there any issues? everything you need to know about this remix will be coverd right here in this article.

User Interface of ubuntu dde 20.04 LTS version

Starting with the user interface Ubuntu DDE uses a Deepin desktop environment 5. Which is very modern and intuitive. The whole interface looks really glossy the elements look really good.

The transparency and blur effect that these elements have. It is built using the QT framework and this allows you to create this Desktop. which is just so good to look at.

The desktop has 2 modes a fashion mode that looks like MacOs and an efficient mode. Which looks like the good old windows 7 but with more glitter.

Use of side panel.

The application launcher has two modes of full-screen one and a better one. Deepin desktop has a side panel that serves as both the notification panel as well as the control center for the os. This is very accessible although I would have preferred to have an independent settings application.

This side panel thing still works. Most icons on the bottom bar here also some of the side panels. The side panel good for some quick toggles but I really don’t want to see advance display scaling settings here. If we had a dedicated settings application here. The side panel would be less bloated and the freed up space could be used for some other things.

Moving on the window animation and effects look good. They are reminiscent of KDE plasma desktop The desktop doesn’t have any animations for the desktop elements themselves. We would love to see some cool transitions When the application menu pops up or the sound controls are called. The desktop looks good in fashion mode but I like efficient mode better. The application menu can also be customized with two modes. Here most people can use the preset here that they like better. Apart from that, there isn’t anything more. You can do here in the customization department you can change the wallpaper though.

So in the user interface department yes it looks good it kind has this futuristic vibe to it. I agree it’s not bringing anything really new to the scene. However, for many people who just wanted a desktop environment that feels familiar and is simple in layout. While also being good looking polished and contemporary in terms of visuals Deepin desktop is just awesome.

Performance and Stability.

Let’s have a look at the performance and stability of Ubuntu DDE 20.04 LTS. The Ubuntu DDE Desktop is very nimble. Firstly, there are very fewer animation effects on the Desktop. The ones that are there like sidebar sliding animation are really fluid

There is a simple tweak here that I found really interesting in personalization settings. Once I turned off the effect of the windows. I found that the desktop became much more responsive even the side panels sliding has suddenly become more fluid. This I would suggest for computers that are rather on the older side.

I really like how fast OS works with the windows animation turned off. I mean it’s really much better this way. It worked really smoothly this way on my laptop too. This looks good too you can see that the transparency and blur effect for the menu.

The bottom panel and the sidebar all turned off and very honestly the desktop looks much more polished now. In other heavier tasks like gaming and compiling you can expect similar performance as the main pure Ubuntu.

Linux kernel use in this remix version of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu DDE 20.04 LTS is based on Linux kernel 5.4 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has shown significant improvements in all-round performance over the last Lts release. We also get an Nvidia driver version 440 here. This driver brings superb improvements in gaming performance so Ubuntu DDE is a performance powerhouse. This is an LTS Version so it will be supportive for the next 5 years. Ubuntu LTS version is probably the most used Linux distro in the world at any given time.

They are extremely stability-oriented and provide a computing environment. That is highly dependable be it for schools or to deploy supercritical multimillion-dollar websites. So with Ubuntu DDE your good for the next 5 years.

Software Availability in Ubuntu DDE 20.04 LTS.

Now let’s get to the topic of software availability and the default software store. I guess many of you were waiting for it. Firstly, let me tell you that here we are not getting the Debian software store. Here which was responsible for the whole Deepin personal data controversy. Instead, we get the Ubuntu software store which is absolutely trustworthy. I’ll talk about it more in the last section out of the box we are getting a good number of essential applications here.

For more software, you can download software from the Ubuntu software repositories. Ubuntu has huge repositories of stable tested packages pretty much anything. You need can be installed directly from the official Ubuntu repo in every fast convenient and secure way. We can also use PPAs to get more software. The whole PPAs are maintained by the particular software developers themselves. So they already dependable.

My Personal Thought on Ubuntu DDE 20.04

Personally I really loved this version of Ubuntu. The Linux community has pretty high standards as far as the security privacy of the user goes. This is to say most Linux users would never use deepin Linux. The Ubuntu DDE allows you to safely experience a deepin desktop environment and have peace of mind regarding personal data.

Ubuntu DDE uses only open-source code from deepin desktop. So any proprietary code that does not openly show what it does is not used here. I don’t really believe deepin Linux stole user data. There was never any solid evidence to prove so. The deepin Linux has a website for the software store. A website mind you. They used to CNZZ analytics.

Which is like the Google analytics off China to track which apps were downloaded which app page was visited and some other analytics. But these data being sent was encrypted so we don’t really know what it was. I mean which big website doesn’t use encryption anyway. This thing was blown out of proportion by blogs and stuff looking for hot news and deepin Linux was branded spyware. They repeatedly announced that they never stole any personal data. But the damage was already done They being based in China didn’t really help their case.


In conclusion, So now I know for sure that deepin didn’t steal your personal data. No, absolutely not whether you trust deppin or not is absolutely up to you. This issue was never publicly settled. So the Ubuntu DDE 20.4 LTS brings the deepin desktop experience to you minus any headaches or privacy concerns. I have used Ubuntu DDE 20.04 LTS beta version in this article the stable version released on April 23, 2020. I’ve given the download link to download Ubuntu DDE 20.04 Click HERE.

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  1. I am using the Ubuntu DDE desktop because I am using Ubuntu Mate (20.04) and could not get the Mate desktop to function right or correctly and it did not look nice to me – I thought to try DDE and now I am VERY satisfied. It looks nice. I found one bug (the poweroff button does not work as I have to use the terminal to power off – I do not yet know of a bugfix. but I am happy with DDE. 2020-10-26.

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