An easy guide to understand what is Docker and Container.

An easy guide to understand what is Docker and Container.

Hello to every penguin. Here your penguin back again with another article, and in this article, we’re gonna talk about what is Docker and Container. After reading this article. I promise you that the concept of the docker will be absolutely clear to you. By the end of the An easy guide to understand what … Read more

Fedora, Ubuntu20.04, Vivaldi Browser, Linux News- April 2020

Linux News April 2020

Hey Penguins, this is a penguin and welcome to linuxcan. These are the next open-source and privacy news for the end of April 2020. This month we have some big releases with Fedora 32 and a Ubuntu 20.04. Including its variety of derivatives. We also have some window manager improvements for the gnome and KDE … Read more

New Ubuntu DDE 20.04 flavor with Deepin desktop environment.

Ubuntu DDE 20.04

Ubuntu is getting a brand new remixed version which is absolutely fantastic. In this article, I’ll be taking a walkthrough of the brand new Ubuntu DDE 20.04. This version of the gorgeous looking deepin desktop environment is now available with the stability and trust of ubuntu. The deepin is a Linux distro famous for its … Read more

Coronavirus Themed Phishing Malware Ransomware Rise on Internet

Coronavirus Themed Phishing, Malware, Ransomware Rise on Internet

Hello all penguins, The government agencies are experiencing coronavirus themed attacks phishing malware and ransomware scams ramped up as coronavirus becomes a pandemic and Microsoft fixes in SMB flaw all that coming up now on in this article. The first one is all about the HHS. more on that in a bit now with any … Read more

An Easy Guide To Understand Linux File System.

Linux file system

Today we’re going to Understand the Linux File System. This is not a comprehensive article and hopefully, it will but not be very technical. This is just for anybody who is curious about what is different from the Linux Unix file system. So likewise, What you might be used to working within windows or Macintosh … Read more