Hello all penguins, There are thousands of Linux applications out there and a good number of them are absolute diamonds. Then there are some that you unquestionably need to have installed on your system. So in this article, I will tell you the best 14 applications for Linux and ubuntu 20.04. that I used a daily basis on my system that I love most.

open-source multi-platform messaging and email application.

Linux application ram box Snapshot
Image source |rambox.pro
Linux application ram box

Starting off we have a ram box on the number 14 ram box. Ram box is an open-source multi-platform messaging and email application. What makes ram box unique is it supports more than 100 messaging and email services in the free edition.

You can use Whatsapp telegram Gmail. Facebook messenger slack and many more services all from within one application. So the app is built with professional standards and is no less than official apps in terms of quality and functionality. I can even say it’s better than the official apps of some services. It is one of those apps that you should just have on your system personally. I use ram box works and I love it. So it is organized and easy to use the tab layout makes using. It a pleasure it is highly secure and used by more than 50000 users. It is a multi-platform app available on Linux, windows, and mac.
you can download ram box on rambox.pro

Kodi open-source Home Theater software.

Kodi open-source Home Theater software
image source|kodi.tv Kodi open-source Home Theater software

So on number 13 is Kodi. Kodi is an easy and powerful entertainment powerhouse that takes a smart TV and multiply. Its awesomeness by 100 and you get Kodi plus and it’s free. Kodi can turn pretty much any screen running anyways into a media center. To be clear Kodi is not a media provider like Netflix rather it’s a tool that organizes and allows you to play your own media or media from supported third-party services.

However, You can store your media like music movies and TV series on a computer and stream that on all your other devices like mobile phones and tablets. The real power of Kodi is its huge library of add ons these add ons are the biggest reason Kodi got so famous.

There are hundreds of them and the major ones include YouTube and SoundCloud. These add ons greatly enhance what Kodi can do by allowing access to vast libraries of media like TV shows and radio. Kodi add ons have great content with many add-ons offering TV services movies and music installing these addons is really easy.

The possibilities with Kodi are just limitless you can download and install Kodi from the default software store in your Linux. I personally recommend that you check out Kodi.

Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring App Stacer.

applications for Linux and ubuntu 20.04 Stacer
Image Source| Github.com

There are a system cleaner and optimizer built for Linux is Stacer. It offers a straightforward interface it’s a clean dashboard that shows the system status in terms of resource use the Stacer. It allows you to scan your computer for various sorts of junk files and clean them. You’ll manage the applications that automatically start at bootup from Stacer. Which I feel may be a great feature if you’ve got tons of applications running you’ll also manage the system services from Stacer.

So it also provides you with the minimal yet informative monitor for CPU and memory using. In my opinion, Stacer isn’t something that you simply need a day but running it to watch the health of your system and optimize it once a month maybe a specialized practice you’ll download and install Stacer from GitHub. You can click HERE to download Stacer from Github.

Calibre Ebook Management For Linux and Ubuntu.

calibre ebook reader for linux
caliber ebook reader for Linux

As an extended time well I experimented with a variety of software to read books on my Linux PC. However, some windows software and that I must see caliber is simply an ideal match on behalf of me. Caliber isn’t just an ebook reader but also an excellent to manage ebooks on Linux. It supports just about any ebook format. There’s caliber features a simple interface, excellent font rendering and highly flexible options to customize your reading experience.

I read tons of my Ebooks using caliber and I am really satisfied with it. Once you compare the other paid ebook reader. you see that caliber is on an equivalent label no Price tag. Caliber also allows you to style and make ebooks actually caliber is that the most powerful tool for ebook creation on Linux. If you would like to convert any ebook from one format to a different yes caliber can do that. Caliber is often installed from your Linux software store.

System restores tool for Linux, Time Shift.

Timeshift is one of those apps that should come pre-installed on all the Linux distributions. Timeshift is the ultimate backup and recovery tool for Linux. The time shift is so powerful that even if you delete the entire operating system. You can still restore the system and it worked flawlessly.

for someone like me who messes around with the system a lot of time shift is a must-have. Timeshift is really easy to use it you can take a full snapshot of the system and then you can restore that snapshot in case something goes wrong with your system. What I do with timeshift is, I installed the operating system and its driver and all my day to day apps and then configuring according to my needs after. I make a back up with time-shift now let whatever do what happened to the operating system. I can always go back to a completely working state it also allows me to explore and experiment with Linux without fear.

Timeshift can also automatically make daily and weekly backups of your system so that’s an addon bonus for us. There is no excuse for not having a backup. To download time shift you can go on GitHub or click on Here it will redirect you to the download page.

Customize your Gnome desktop with the Gnome tweak tool.

If you’re running the gnome desktop environment then gnome tweak tool is an absolute must-have. Gnome is a greatest off enrollment which can be customized to a highly free and gnome tweak tool that makes this customization will really easy. The tweak tool is extremely powerful and has a wide variety of options that can change the basic working of your desktop.

You can modify even the smallest detail of the gnome-desktop. Here all the options are layout in an organized manner and even, The complexities are represented in an easy to understand manner. You can change the themes icons cursors, modify the fonts to your liking change the keyboard and mouse behavior and many more. The top bar setting can be changed from here. The windows appearance and behaviors can be changed extensively from here to top. It all of the tweak tools also access the extension manager from here. You can manage and it just all the extensions installed and change your desktop look and feel with this tweaking tool.

open-source and free video editing software for Linux and ubuntu 20.04

open-source and free video editing software for Linux and ubuntu 20.04
Image Source | kdenlive.org

There are a number of really powerful video-audio editor available for the Linux and kdenlive is one of them. This is because of its simplicity while also being power-packed. If you need something simple something that doesn’t need you to watch tons of tutorials on YouTube to edit a simple video.

Then kdenlive is for you now don’t get me wrong kdenlive is not something that just cut and pastes videos together. It is a full-fledged video editor with support for a wide range of video and audio formats. It has a simple multi-track editing setup kdenlive has a prebuilt library of many animations effects and transitions. That is up to date and can be used in professional-grade videos kdenlive use proxy editing. So you can use it on even slightly lower-end computers. generally, other video editors just crash. If you’re going to spend a lot of time editing then kdenlive has already customizable and simple interface was allowing you to kdenlive way you like. you cand download kdenlive through terminal. Or you can go to their website to click HERE.

The best package manager for Ubuntu is Synaptic.

synaptic is a software manager that you can install and use on Ubuntu and Debian and their derivatives. But if you don’t like the way the software store in ubuntu looks. If you’re not really into all the snap apps that the store has synaptic has given you control or package management and no snap apps also.

So to begin with synaptic is a powerful tool it has no glitter it has an old fashioned find packages and installs packages workflow. What more does synaptic offer other than what is available in the software store? We can find and fix broken packages with a single click the same with the missing recommends using it. You can clean out often packages. You can browse software using a variety of filters such as category of apps package status origin and a lot more.

However, all these give you a fine control or packages and help you solve package related issues very easily and snap apps are completely absent from synaptic. That is the reason good enough for me to use synaptic. You can install synaptic by opening a terminal and running sudo apt install synaptic. 

Installing vlc Media Player in Linux ubuntu.

vlc Media Player in Linux ubuntu 20.04
vlc Media Player in Linux ubuntu 20.04

Vlc may be a media player that needs no introduction. It is perhaps the simplest video player out there. vlc has been around for an extended time many competitors have come and gone but nobody has been ready to challenge to Vlc. VLC is simply that good firstly vlc is extremely old software with valuable experience.

Now to speak about the features of vlc. If a media format exists then vlc can play that not many media players can claim to possess this capability VLC may be a free and open-source project with no spyware no ads and no use the tracking. It’s a multi-platform tool available on all major operating systems with hardware acceleration enabled supplying you with a richer viewing experience.

Ubuntu and a few its distros don’t even come pre-installed with media codecs to play all kinds of media. So installing vlc just solve this in a hassle-free way. It offers both simplicities also as superior control. It’s advanced options like audio-video synchronization, subtitle synchronization, ratio control and lots of more features. If you do not use these features. Vlc may be a media player which will play all the media formats available on earth. I assume that a vlc media player a must-have application.

Open Source Web Browser for Linux Ubuntu Is Chromium Web Browser.

Chromium web browser for linux
Chromium web browser for Linux

Google Chrome might be the world’s most used browser so but Linux users, in general, are more privacy-conscious. They understand that the chrome browser sends a lot of data over to googles servers. So the fact that chrome is open source doesn’t help either. So we have a look at chromium-browser.

Chromium browser can be looked at as the mother of chrome browser as far as the interface and usages are concerned. The web browser is pretty much the same as chrome. for chromium use your Google account to sync of stuff up with your android device. It is fast fully compatible with all the chrome extensions and provides a great for a browsing experience. That is similar to what you get on chrome.

Talking about the chromium advantages. It is fully open-source it doesn’t send using statistics to Google the way chrome does data collection is very limited on chromium-browser. So you get the Google ecosystem advantage plus better privacy. Chromium gets newer features and innovations much before they make it into chrome browser. You can install chromium-browser from the software store on all the Linux distros. 

Adobe Photoshop alternative Gimp for Linux and Ubuntu.

Gimp for Linux and Ubuntu.
Gimp for Linux and Ubuntu.

For photoshop work we have a GIMP. Whether you are doing got to crop a picture for Instagram upload or got to retouch the smudge on the wall behind you. It can roll in the hay all. The image editor gimp which stands for the GNU image manipulation program is free software that’s basically Photoshop for Linux. So it’s the amount of advanced also as simple tools that provide an excellent environment for image editing and image manipulation. What you’ll do using Gimp is merely limited by your imagination. There are plenty of tutorials and learning resources on the web that you simply need to get good Gimp. it’s a lively development that feature-packed updates being released regularly. These updates to stay gimp on an equivalent level as all its paid alternatives like photoshop. Gimp is free you’ll download and install Gimp from the software store.

Free Cloud Storage for Linux and ubuntu 20.04

Mega Free Cloud Storage For Linux
Mega Free Cloud Storage For Linux

Mega offers 50 GB of free cloud storage for account. It has an official client for Linux. It is really straight forward to use with no advertisements and since it provides 50 GB even for the free deal. It’s a great backup solution for the important stuff mega conveniently, Creates a folder called mega sync on your PC anything.

You put that will be automatically synchronized with the cloud and any of the PC that are connected to that account. So this can simplify things a lot. However, if you use multiple computers like at work and at home. I absolutely love this feature mega has high security and fast transfer speeds. It is a reliable service with end to end encryption implemented out of the box Mega is a star choice for personal as well as business use.

Note-taking application for Linux and Ubuntu.

Simple-note is an extremely simple note-taking app with no additional Glitchy stuff. The simple note takes and save notes and if you’ve got multiple devices that sync your notes across all devices. A simple note is a free and open-source application and there are not any premium and paid subscriptions.

In the note-taking app, you see no ads. The simple-note is out there on the windows mac android and i phone also. On behalf of my simple note is a tremendous app. As a blogger it allows me to take notes and concepts on my phone. Just about anywhere anytime as soon as I went home that stuff is on my PC. Those notes are made available be on behalf of me to continue performing on that. The note-taking app is extremely organized with tags available to assist you to retain things sorted. There’s also a fast search to hurry things up. Simple note has pretty good sharing features which makes it an excellent tool for communication between teams project members and family.

Steam in Linux and ubuntu for gaming.

steam applications for Linux and ubuntu 20.04
Image Source | steampowered.com

Finally, the number one spot on this article is taken by the steam. Steam gives modern face for Linux gaming. Before steam gaming on the Linux was not really recommend. As of today, Steam has a huge catalog of games for Linux, Likewise counterstrike, the god of war, and many more games brought for your Linux pc to steam.

Steam recently has released a feature called proton using which you can pretty much play any windows only keeps like fallout shelter do better front 2 and more on the Linux. Whether you are a hardcore gamer being seriously or want to play something casual on the Linux. however, Steam has got to go and the prices of games are also really good you can get major games at really low prices on an awful day. I highly recommend steam as it opens up a whole new Avenue of the entertainment on the Linux.

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In conclusion

So in this article, we see The Best 14 applications for Linux and ubuntu 20.04. In this article, I discussed some apps you can use on almost every Linux distribution. With these apps, you can improve your Linux experience. If you know any application which I didn’t cover then let me know in the comment and share this article to help other penguins.

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