I’ll be sharing with you Top 5 Lightweight Linux distros for old laptop and desktop for blazing speed and performance. These distros can make older computers fast but also make your powerful newer hardware accelerated performance. I have a laptop which I bought 10 years ago. So it’s very low powered by today’s standards.

But now easily run an android studio and an emulator on it at the same time. The performance is very similar to what you get on a mid-range laptop available in the market today. What my laptop lacks in the hardware department. I make up for it by installing Linux distros that are built for superior performance.

These distros bring new life into older hardware. These operating systems have a reduced overhead allowing. The computer uses more resources in terms of memory and CPU cycles for a user task. Thereby providing a visible boost in performance.

Today I picked for you the top 5 Best Lightweight Linux distros. That delivers a power packed computing experience along with solid stability great usability and some downright stunning looks.

Manjaro Linux

image source | fourm.manjaro.org

The manjaro brings the cutting edge tech out there right to your computer. No matter how old your computer is although manjaro Linux is available with all the desktop environments.

But Xfce is the default desktop environment. Manjaro Xfce is an arch Linux based Linux distro with its own independently maintain repositories. It uses the mainline arch as its testing grounds and pushes updates after confirmed stability.

So you’re getting the latest version of all the software with added stability. Manjaro is an absolute productivity-focused Linux distro. It has a simple bottom panel-based workflow.

The operating system ships with only the bare essentials and for office, you get to choose between the libra office and open office at the time of installation.

Manjaro contains much lightweight software for day to day tasks. The image viewer the music player everything is light here. So the operating system delivers a speedy performance throughout.

Manjaro repositories.

Manjaro repositories have a large number of software. There is no PPA or installer file hassle here. Everything can be installed directly from the its software store. It is really simple and lightweight and compared to other Linux distros.

It has much newer software versions. So you get to experience the latest and greatest of all the Linux tech out there. With manjaro, you also get access to the arch users’ repository. Which is the biggest cool of Linux software out there?

Manjaro uses the Pacman package manager. Which is unbeatable as far as package how many goes. So you can install multiple desktop environments here and it all works without any issues. The same cannot be said of other Linux distros.

So it is extremely flexible fast dependable and new in terms of packages. The manjaro brings a new life into old laptops and desktops and even on newer hardware manjaro delivers of pure performance to a computing experience. That’ll blow your mind. Try manjaro

Linux Mint Mate

Best Lightweight Linux distros
image source | linuxmint.com

Linux mint is very popular mainly because of its flagship cinnamon desktop environment but it also offers the Mate variant which in my opinion is highly underrated. Linux mint mate looks and feels pretty much the same as it cinnamon system but when it comes to performance the mate version rockets up. The mate desktop environment easy continuation of gnome 2 desktop. mate desktop is both fast and good looking.

If you feel that Xfce and lxd are a bit too outdated and dull for today’s date and time but still want something that is light. The mate desktop is definitely made for you with a few tweaks here and their mate can look as good as anything out there

compared to xfc mate desktop has a very different underlying technology which delivers a much better rendering. mate is just better to look at. Linux mint mate is a very simple Linux distro. It is based on its version of ubuntu. So it is very stable. It also contains up to date packages. element is a very polished operating system. it comes with all the essentials installed out of the box and zero bloats.

Software manager of Linux mint mate.

It as a beginner-friendly control center which makes managing the computer really easy you can find pretty much any software you need in the software manager. The software manager in Linux mint is something that I have a great love for it. It is so simple in organizations yet so elegant there are no snap apps mixed with the traditional apps here. But flat packs are available in their own category overall using Linux mint mate is a great experience. the whole theme is very stable and responsive. If you’re looking for an operating system that is faster and runs on older hardware. But you’re not a fan of Xfce or lxd desktop. Linux mint mate is a great choice for you. Download Linux mint here

Zorin os lite

zorin os 15 Best Lightweight Linux distros for old laptops and desktops
image source | zorinos.com

This is not your regular zorian os running the gnome desktop. This in fact zorian os lite version featuring the xfce desktop environment. I take back everything I said about xfce not being good looking. This is the most beautiful xfc linux distro in my opinion. I mean just look at it I already got a lot of love for the original zorian os look. Here zorin developers have made the same experience available on pretty much patato computer. The control panel is team beautifully and everything on the system looks on sport.

The applications menu is crazy fast and the desktop is extremely responsive. I’m not really used to something this good looking also being fast. So the responsiveness I’m getting your is blowing my mind. Zorin os like requires just 512 Mb off ram to function properly.

So this would be a really good choice for laptops and desktops that need revival. Even for a computer that is not too old these moderately powerfull zorin light can make it run really smooth.

Ubuntu base distro zorin os.

Zorin is a Linux distro the rice. It’s not another Linux distro targeted towards server and cloud. Its whole business model is built on desktop computing and I’m really optimistic about its future. I’ll even go as far as to say that in a couple of years Zorin will be one among the leading distros.

It is not the de-facto Linux distro for personal computers. It is built on ubuntu. So it has a great base. They have great design and workflow. Zorin developers are keeping their project relevant running side by side with the mac and win 10 pc and then no shape of homs Zorin lacks something that the other 2 have. Now Zorin light is bringing the same experience on hardware that could deliver. This kind of experience before Zorin light.

A dependable operating system with a gorgeous desktop. That will run fine on ancient hardware I already had man law for Zorin and now what they have done it xfc desktop environment it’s spectacular I highly recommend it

Bodhi Linux

bodhi linux Best Lightweight Linux
image source | bodhilinux.com

Bodhi linux is the most light weight distro on this list using just 200Mb when its idle. Bodhi is a ubuntu deravative. It features the moksha desktop environment. Which is super light as far as resource consumption goes. Bodhi is a bare-bone linux distro. The default installation contains just a handful of applications.

There are a web browser and some system tools. That’s it forget about games and libra office you won’t even get a music player or an image viewer. But that’s not a bad thing you can start your favorite applications anyway. Bodhi Linux gives you an opportunity to build a lean system that contains only the things you need and nothing else.

Desktop environment

Its desktop enverinment called moksha desktop and it is highly usable but quite different from other desktop environments. The bottom panel houses an application menu which doesn’t have a search icons for favorite applications running applications and system icons also here.

The only thing i did not like here is the absence of the search feature in the menu. But that can be solved by installing the launcher like launch key norm do. The desktop look good. The work flow is different but is really intuitive.

Clicking on the desktop bricks of the applications menu and right clicking brings up just be favorites. I could really get used to this. Talking about the performance idle ram usage 200MB. So the whole thing will run absolutely smoked on even a system with just one gig of ram. it will even work on very old computers.

Responsive operating system and software center on Bodhi Linux.

The operating system is very responsive you get to see some cool animations and effects here and there. Which are pretty much nonexistent on xfc distros. Bodhi linux apps center is a website. Which I didn’t like much you can install synaptic and have a much greater control or package management on bodhi. All in all bodhi is a great choice for someone looking to build a lean efficient highly personalized operating system which will run fine on old computers too.

It’s ubuntu based so it delivers a great software availability and stability and dependability.

Mx Linux

mx linux old laptops and desktops
image source | mxlinux.org

2020 is here and out of all the distros and xfc based Linux, Distros ranks number 1 on distro watch. A distro must be exceptionally good to beat so many gnome and KDE distros to get the top sports and exceptionally good is what MX Linux is. Mx Linux is the prodigal son of Debian unlike Ubuntu there’s no big corporation behind mx. There’s no good looking shiny desktop in fact out of all the distros on this list mx has the least good looking set up by default.

Mx linux is a debian based linux distro for power users. It is so much more control over what you can do with your os and makes is a pure performance driven system. Which comes with the Debian stability. There are several applications here that fall under the MX tool category. These tools streamlined some advanced actions that otherwise not easy to do. You get simple graphical interfaces here to sort out things like fixing GPG key issues and some other things.

Beginner Friendly.

I really like this as you don’t need to play around with terminal. If that’s Not your thing. Mx provide very fine control package management you get to choose different version of the same package from Debian stable debian backport and mx testing proposal peace. What this does is it allows you to restart on your system easyily.

Because Debian stable packages are generally very old. You can run newer packages from Debian backwards which I don’t recommend unless you absolutely have to anyway I like the fact that you get to choose.

Desktop reponsivence

The desktop is very light and no animations or transitions. This makes Mx is suitable for older computers and laptops. If you have any old PC’s which are begging for a new life. Mx is the best way forward. The old hardware won’t struggle much with Mx Linux as the os itself demands very low resources.

The overall balance of being lightweight solid Debian stability superior control over your system and delivering the performance-oriented experience rightfully put Mx Linux on the number 1 spot on this list.

Conclusion Why should you use a Lightweight Linux distro?

I’m not really a fan of xfc or lxd desktop enlivenment. But there’s no denying that even on moderately powerful hardware. You can see better responsiveness and faster speeds. When using these environments. This speedup vanishes rapidly as you can increase specs and vice-versa. On my old laptop non struggles to run smoothly and there’s a good amount of time between clicking on an icon and that application starting up.

But on Xfce, the same 10-year-old laptop will go head to head with the mid-range laptop running windows that are even this year. Now you won’t get 60 FPS on top games just because of Xfce. on heavy computational tasks like gaming. Your computer will perform pretty much as it did before with minor performance gains.

But the computer will get much more responsive speeds for day to day tasks like opening the browser editing the doc file switching between them will improve significantly. This isn’t just for ancient computers even moderately powerful pcs can do better responsiveness on these Linux Distros. Then there are people who want an operating system that facilitates and streamlines productivity. They just want to get some work done and don’t really care what the glittery stuff for those people I highly recommend that you check out the distributions on this list well that’s it for this article.

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