Google Chrome extensions can make our lives so much easier. There are so many different tools to make us more productive and just to make browsing on the web. So much more convenient well in this article I’m gonna show you The top 5 google chrome extension available on the chrome web store of my favorite extensions everything. That will save you time to manage all of your tabs in a more convenient manner. So without further ado let’s dive in. Hello, everyone, this is Linux can your favorite penguin. You get more done and enjoy it less stress and let’s begin.

1 One Tab google chrome extension

one tab google chrome extension available on the chrome web store
one tab chrome extension

The first one on my list today has to do with tab management. Your browser ever looks like what you see here. You perhaps have 10 or maybe many many more tabs open at any given time.

Now not only is this a little distracting as you go looking for where you need to be or what’s listed here. This can also be a bit of a resource hog. Because having all of these websites open each and every one of them can take up valuable processing power well. That’s exactly where one tab comes in.

So here you see the one tab in my extension’s last. If I selected what it’s going to do is it’s going to condense everything. That was open into a single tab now. You may notice that this very first one. This very first tab that I have here and did not get collapse.

One Tab Settings To Do

You can change that setting. If you want but I’ve changed the setting here. In one tab that anything that has panned, I don’t want to collapse it. But now I got everything in a convenient single tab. So if I want to continue. I can open up a new tab and go to work the way that I want. But I can always come back here and say you know what.

I want to go back to let me click on that one and it will open up that tab for me. So it allows me to minimize all of the tabs open. That I have here and if I ever do want to come back here and just say restore all. Well, I’ve got that option. I can restore all of those tabs in the same order in the same way. That they were displayed in the first place. So if you’re wanting an easier way to manage all of your tabs. Also, keep a history of them to be sure to check out one tab.

2 Extensity on the chrome web store

extensity extension on web store
extensity extension on web store

Now the next one on our list today also has to do with improving the performance of our browser experience sometimes. When you have all of your extensions installed. They can start to wave down and slow down your chrome experience. Well, that’s where extensity comes into play. When you have Extensity installed.

What you get is a nice convenient list of all of the extensions. All of the chrome apps that you currently have installed. But what extensity does is allow you to disable them when you want to or when you need to. So for instance, I have several of my extensions grayed out that means. That they’re currently disabled.

Disable or enable other extension with Extensity.

They not only do not appear up here but they’re not running in the background either. Maybe I don’t need full page screen capture all of the time. But, when I do all I need to do is click on Extensity, here click on an extension that I want to enable.

This and now it’s available to me now I can go ahead and use that extension when I’m done using it. I only use it once a week or once in a while I can come in here and disable it immediately. So no longer is it going to be a resource hog as a part of my browsing experience. The other nice thing is that it gives you this nice convenient gear icon.

So if you need to change settings immediately sometimes. It’s faster to click on Extensity and come down here to the gear icon. So if you want a better way to manage all of your extensions and also disable. Those ones that you only use from time to time be sure to check out Extensity.

3 screencastify

screencastify extension on chrome
screencastify extension on chrome

The next one on our list has to do with the screen recording. This is a question I get very very often what is best for screen recording. well, when it comes to screen recording. I use OBS but if you need a free solution and especially if you are only needing to record short videos.

Then I would recommend that you check out screencastify. So with screencastify installed when selecting it. what you will get is a small menu here allowing you to choose. What you want to record make sure that you’ve set up the correct microphone. If you want to you can record your webcam as well. Screencastify is absolutely free for videos under 5 minutes in length. If you need a longer video you can always upgrade but what I like to use screencastify is to record.

Those short videos if I needed to help out 1 of my clients. I know I can describe it to them quicker and easier in just a short video. I’ll use screencastify. So with everything set up here all I need to do is select. The big blue record button. I can choose what I want to record in this case

I want to record my entire screen I get a hit start and now in 3, 2, 1. Start recording So now I am capturing everything that I’m doing here I can point to certain areas of the screen I can never rate and ask questions and find you know again. If I’m asking questions of a client or point in certain things out down below here.

Mouse Focus to focus the screen

I can hit this pause button. if I want to jump to a different tab or set myself up for the next part of my recording. Then another nice thing is you can add some features here such as a focus mouse. So if I want to show the focus of the screen. Now I resume my recording now I can use this focus mouse to point out certain areas of the page or certain things. That I’m speaking up when I’m all done all I need to do is come down here and hit stop recording. That will immediately open up the editor window here.

So what I can do at this point as I can review my recording. I can see what I’ve done and if I need to I can even trim certain sections of this recording and in the top right-hand corner. You get a copy shareable link this is ready to share immediately. Why because of screencastify links directly to your google drive account.

So these videos are automatically saved to your Google Drive account. You can start sharing them immediately. If I select a copy shareable link what I can do now is paste this into an email. I can share it via text and they can now access and watch this short video. I want to I can also do other things such as publisher to youtube were getting embed code or even download it to my system. So for quick and easy video capture, you’ll be want to you’ll be wanting to check out screencastify. Other then the OBS is best to screen record.

4 Hunter

Next up on our list is for anyone who is dealing with sales or leads or just needed to contact someone and not sure where to find. Their contact information and for this purpose, We are going to use an extension called the hunter. So here you have landed across a particular website and let’s say that you wanting to get in contact with someone who works at this business. were at this organization.

But you don’t know what their email address is I can’t seem to find them on LinkedIn. I’m not even sure perhaps who I need to contact. But I just know it’s someone at this organization what with the hunter a chrome extension installed. The only need to do is selected and what it’s going to do is pop up. This menu and it’s going to show me all of the publicly available email addresses related to this organization.

How hunter display information.

The actual information here on the left-hand side. But let me give you a quick run-through. So right at the very top it’s going to tell me that the most common pattern for this organization is first initial plus the last name at their domain name. So even if I can’t find the particular person that I’m after. If I know their name I know their full name or perhaps. I can find it elsewhere such as linkedin and I probably got a really good chance of getting to them with that email format.

They have listed here but the other nice thing is that as I review. This list you can see that’ll it’ll sometimes even give me the title of that individual. Here we can see that this person is actually a sales rep. They’ve been verified. So how have they been verified well on the right-hand side? What hunter does show you all of the different sources. Where they found this information from. So if I click on this down here.

It’s telling me that here are some of the public websites and web pages. Where it is found this person and this email address. So no hunters not combing through confidential or private information. These email addresses are being pulled from publicly available websites. But they’ve just made it that much more convenient for you to use. There’s also this handy plus button here. If you want to save your leads within hunter all you need to do is hit the plus button. So now you can easily go back to those leads. So for anyone in sales are looking to find certain individuals hunter is an extension for you.

5 Tab resize

tab resize google chrome extension available on the chrome web store
tab resize chrome extension

The fifth one on our list today has to do with the game convenience especially. If we are managing multiple sites and multiple tabs up top. This one has to do with resizing our tabs and split in our screen into as many different quadrants or columns or rows. As we like so let’s say I want to have 2 websites Side by side. All I need to do is select have resized and what. it’s gonna do is gonna give me a few handy presets here. The different ways that I can display these websites. If I’d like to I can create my own custom layout let’s go with this default here of one by 2.

If I selected it’s immediately gonna take the last 2 sites that I visited and split them side by side. So now I can look at this on the left-hand side and start editing information on the right-hand side. I can make that comparison I can just I mean I can I choose this again. If I want to tell every size and choose any type of dimension. I want this is so helpful especially if you have a widescreen or have been thinking about getting a second monitor. But maybe don’t need it. If you have a convenient tool such as tab resize.

Well, there are my tips for today and I would love to hear from you next do you have some of your favorite Chrome extensions. That I didn’t include in Top 5 google chrome extension available on the chrome web store list be sure to let me know in the comments down below thank you.

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