Welcome back Penguins, In this article, We will talk about the top 5 programming languages to learn in 2020. Now if following from a long time every year. I’ve been posting this article is about the top 5 programming languages. So we did that and it was 2018, 2019, and this year. As well but one thing I realized what’s the use of knowing the best language. I mean think about this you are doing something. You are learning something and suddenly you read this article and then you want to know. Hey, which is the best language. And you read the full article. And now you know okay this is the best language. But is it useful to you?

To make this article more useful I have a different approach now. I want to focus on something else now think about this. When you want to know which is the best language what is the purpose. The purpose is maybe you want to learn that language may be the project that you’re working on. You want to choose a language for that or maybe you are damn new to this IT world. So you want to know which is the easiest language.

So that I can learn and implement it. To understand this let’s understand the domain first. Let’s see for different domains we have different languages yes there are some languages. That you can use everywhere likewise Javascript. I think it’s just like a star if you want to use the language Javascript is there. So basically for different domains, we have different languages that are specialized for it. So let’s start with domain and then you will understand which language to chose for your project.

These domains are quite famous nowadays.

Now let me start with these domains which are quite famous nowadays machine learning. Now if you talk about Machine learning. If you want to implement something. Infact we should start with data science first. Data science is one of the booming filed now right. So if you want to learn a language. So that you can work in this domain. There are multiple options actually we can use R language. We can use Python. But then if you’ll see most of the projects on data science. The courses on data science. They will be using python not because it is one of the best language for that domain. Because it is one of the easiest language to start with and fortunately their are some libraries prepared avalible.

So that you can use them so in terms of data science yes they have so many options. R is also one of the option but I would say go for python. If you want to go for data science. Python is amazing to use or easy to learn as well.

Second Domain

The second one if you want to work with the TensorFlow framework in that case. There are in fact Tensorflow works with python and Javascript. Luckily we got javascript as well. So again we have a choice now. So that you can go for python if you know it Otherwise. If you bring in to the web voice before that if you know Javascript then stick with that. Javascript still works in machine learning as well. SO that’s the thing so you can base your domains like if you want to work with data science. We have python. If you want to work with TensorFlow. We have to 2 options I’m not an expert in machine learning. But my friend suggested who is working in machine learning that they’re using those languages.

Third Domain

The next domain which is very famous in the mobile domain.If we talk about the mobile domain every big company they need their mobile application. Every startup needs a mobile application. Every idea nowadays starts with an app. In fact, if we talk to your friends and they were saying. Hey, I want to be an entrepreneur and when you ask them. Why You want to become an entrepreneur because they simply say I can build an app. I know that’s a weird way of claiming that you become an entrepreneur just because it can build an app.

See if you want to build an application. It doesn’t matter what your business idea is for this domain. We have multiple platforms available. We have IOS, we have android and then maybe in the future to be having some New Os. In the term, if you are specifically working on IOS. Of course, Apple has its own programming language. Which is swift of course you should go for that? On the other hand, if we talk about android so we have an Android studio. We can build native applications. usually, people used to use Java but now google made Kotlin. The official language or the first-class language for android.

cross-platform language.

So of course people are preferring to work on Kotlin now but again the problem is if you have multiple platforms. You have to build a different applications for each platform and we were looking for something else like cross-platfrom language and that’s why we got flutter. now in flutter which is a mobile platfrom. You can bulid an application. Which will work on all the different os that you can use it on iOS or android that’s amazing.

Now which language we have to use. So that flutter uses Dart language. Now, of course, you don’t have a choice. If you know you want to get into mobile. If you know you want to get into cross platforms. The only option you have is a Dart language. You don’t even need to learn python. You don’t have to learn Java that’s quite simple. So that’s how you choose so we have talked about new technologies like machine learning. That we talked about mobile applications. What options you have now let’s move to the web world.

Fourth Domain.

Everyone wants to build a website maybe for the corporate use, Maybe for the personal. So you can wright blogs if you want for that you can build an application web application basically. now which one you will choose. Even if you talk about web applications and we have different types there right. So we can build the entire application in one go or you can create rest API.

you can build the web services behind the scenes and then for that you can build up front-end. It may be a mobile application it may be an angular front-end or something like that In fact if you talk about the back end part as well. If you talk about web services in that also we have new services. Which is Microservices and based on what you choose. You will change the language example let’s say you just want to build a web application. Which one you will choose now the famous one is PHP.

PHP For Web Application

So if you talk about the college courses. If we talk about the startups if you talk about the ideas if you just want to a web application. The default choice is PHP now why Php Because it’s in the college courses. It’s there for a long time in fact I guess 80 percent of the websites are built on PHP. That is the power of PHP. In fact, one of your websites Facebook was built on PHP. Again I’m not a big fan of PHP. Now, what other options you have.

Now the other hand if you are good with python. So you have learned python and now you want to build an application the back-end services. You can use python as well. So we have an amazing framework like we have Django we have a flask. So you can use them and you can build web applications. Of course, the option you have in Python.

Fifth Domain

On the other hand, if you want to build an enterprize level application. The best choise is java. Java was the king earlier and java is still a king. When it comes to enterprise application basically. Now if you talk about micro services, The microservices world is dominated by Java. So we have some important framework in java. Examples spring framework which is one of the best frameworks avaliable.

So that’s become the default choice. I think if you join big companies if you join service-based companies. Most of them will be working on java. so maybe I’m not saying it’s not the best language now. It’s just that they are using Java for a long time and now they don’t want to switch. Even if they switch. I have seen some companies they are moving from java to Kotlin. But ultimately the base is java. So it is easier if you know Java to learn Kotlin as well. This is not a big thing.

The Enterprise Market.

So now let’s move towards the enterprise market. We have talked about it java is dominating there. But then we have one more language which is dominating the enterprise market which is C sharp. Now if you are working on the Microsoft Domain let’s say on the Backend side on the server-side. you are using Azure. One of the default frameworks you have to use is the Dot net. Again you can use other languages as well but the dot net is something that is built by Microsoft. They’re using it throughout. The choice you have now is C sharp. In fact for game development as well if you are using unity. I guess they use a C Sharp there. C sharp is very famous in the Microsoft world in the Unity gaming world so you can use that.

Sixth Domain.

Now it’s time for that the new technology which is IoT. Now if you want to work in IoT which is booming now. You know this year I guess it would be the year for IoT and blockchain of course. Now if you are going for IoT. The options you have are C language. I know I know you were thinking Hey C is an old language right. That’s not cased C is an old language. But it is one of the fastest languages available now. So it’s fast, Go also is fast language. But then C is the mother of all languages. So if you want to Work on IoT. C is a great language to use. You can also use Python or java. But I guess C and python. You can use these two there. In fact, go should also be your choice.

If you know you are looking for a job the service-based companies. I would say go for Java. You know the interview as well they will ask you java questions. So you don’t have a choice. So that’s the thing so to the domain and based on that chose a language. Don’t just watch a video or read an article. which is the top language to learn? They will say this is the first language to learn this it will not work for everyone. That’s something you have to understand and now it’s time to give you the Top 5 In-Demand programming languages to learn in 2020.

1 Python

Top 5 In-Demand programming languages to learn in 2020
Python image source | python.org

first, in my list is python why? If you look at the craze of python now everyone wants to learn python. Not because it’s a great language. Because of the easiest language to learn. you know and it’s fun to learn. I don’t think about this. If you are new in the IT world and if you want to learn the language. Of course, you want to enjoy it. You don’t want to struggle with your 5 to 10 days learning a language. Which is not easy. I mean don’t try learning Java or C-sharp as your first language. I have not a lot of experience teaching the nonprogrammers. But if you teach Java as the first language and then I can see on this basis how they are struggling. But on the other hand, if you learn python. It’s a great language easier to learn and they enjoyed it.

2 JavaScript

The second on my list is you can guess it right that’s javascript. I know of I’m not big support of javascript. But then the way it is evolving. The way we have a number of frameworks available. I mean thinking about javascript to being a full-fledged language. We can do anything you want. You can build an application you can build web applications from start to end. We can build the frontend. you can build the backend. You can build a database. So you can build everything on javascript. But given a choice, I would not be using it. But then it’s working fine. So why not.

3 Java

Top 5 In-Demand programming languages to learn in 2020

The third number of my list. It should be first because this language is so popular. But it’s on the third number which is java. I know java should be first or second because it’s quite famous but if you look at the recent trend of java. In fact, I would say java or kotlin, not just java. If you look at trend java is updating itself every 6 months. It’s a good thing right. You are getting new features every 6 months but that’s also a problem.

Every time you see a language evolving that fast something is wrong with the thought process. It even if it is a good now problem is you can’t upgrade every 6 months going to enterprise not even programmers. But still, it’s a good language to learning. In fact, I see Java 14 is launch right and companies are still using Java 8. That’s the thing with Java. But again most of the companies are still using it. So you can’t run away from it.

4 Go Language.

Go. It’s a great language and now I’m saying it’s on the fourth number. The reason is to go is a great language but when you create a ranking. So if we talk about any article. if we talk about anyone talking about taught languages. Which they rank based on certain criteria. May be based on the Github repositories. It may be based on the questions on StackOverflow. It may be the size of the community. So they consider all this part. if you talk about go. Go is a new language. It will take some time to go language to evolve to have multiple repositories on GitHub to have good support from the community. Go is lacking that so. That why it is fourth on my list.

5 Dart Language.

The fifth language on my list is Dart. Now Dart because we have talked about it right so if you are in the Mobile world and if you want to build cross platform applications. You have an option of Flutter and Flutter works on Dart. So you can choose that.


So that’s my list like, In fact, I want to point out one more thing. If you see the stats there don’t just go with the stats. So many people talk about the amount of money you can make up for this language. You know you can just go to this website. The job searching website. You can see the up to the amount they’re getting paid. So that’s not true not everyone. So let’s say if you say python developer will earn 100K dollars for the week.

That is not a case for everyone, not every python developers. It all depends on your skillset. It all depends upon your experience. There are so many things to be counted right. So don’t just go with the numbers go with your gut. Go with your domain and that all users have to choose a programming language. so that’s from this article. I know it was long but I enjoyed talking about it and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments section, this is your penguin signing off.

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