The Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa is the newest version in the LTS line up of Ubuntu. It has captured the attention of millions around the world mainly because we are seeing a number of big changes this time. I was pleasantly surprised when I installed the new Ubuntu. While LTS release has always been very conservative in terms of changes. The brand new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is a bold evolution with strong design alterations and superb performance improvements. In this article, I’ll be talking to you on a walkthrough of the new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Review. We, Will, be having a look at the refreshed desktop, What’s new here the stability and I’d also talk about the tremendous improvements in speed and performance. That we see in the new Ubuntu.

The refresh User Interface Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

Let’s Explore the new user interface. This is where we are seeing many improvements the first thing you notice is the new wallpaper. The new Ubuntu 20.04 code name is Focal Fossa. For those of you who didn’t know, Fossa is a cat-like animal closely related to the mongoose family. It is found in Madagascar. In the last LTS version, That is Ubuntu 18.04 orange was the primary accent color and so it has been since many versions before it. But here, We see a shift to purple color with hints of orange in it. This gradient style coloring is not just limited to the desktop background but it’s everywhere.

You can see this gradient feel in icons which took gorgeous by the way. The desktop looking so termendus here. The themes, the icons of the desktop elements are also gorgeous and the style is contemporary to 2020. Ubuntu long term suppoet(LTS) versions are generally very conservative as far as changes go. They look the same as the last LTS. But here we’re seeing many changes, both visually and under the hood. So that makes this particular version quite important. We also get a fully functional dark mode here. In settings. we get to choose between 3 variants off the same yaru theme. I persamlly like the standard and dark themes. This is really great as users can now switch to dark mode very conveniently. We see subtle changes everywhere.

The New Look Of Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa.

The activities overlay has things separately organized. When you search for something. The sharp window borders look very nice. On the standard theme, It’s appreciably how good the desktop looks with clean and defined elements. Even when there are multiple windows on the desktop. They are disassociated visually in a very clear way. The color fading and shadow effects beautifully create depth to the desktop. These are some of the things but exactly what makes an operating system more refined and polished.

The new icons’ new purple color and a host of improvements make the new ubuntu look gorgeous and ready for the next 5 years. Ubuntu 20.04 is not just about looks it has posted epic scores in benchmarks conducted by Phoronix. The performance boost we are seeing here is really exciting.

The Key Changes in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Refreash Desktop Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36
Refreash Desktop Ubuntu 20.04

The Ubuntu 20.04 is Powered by the Linux kernel 5.4. Which comes with enhanced security features like kernel lock-down. We also get Gnome 3.6 which is the latest version at the moment. Gnome developers have been focusing on improving the performance of gnome desktop sometime now, and the results have been good. The desktop feels very responsive here and once I installed the proprietary drivers for my Nvidia card. I noticed a surge in the quality of visuals and the smoothness of the desktop too With this version.

We are officially over python 2 and we get python 3 here. Software devs should take note of this change. With Ubuntu 19.04, ZFS was introduced to Linux and this has been further improved in over Ubuntu 20.04. We also get a new set of wallpaper, although small in number these wallpapers look really nice and they also remove the annoying way of changing the wallpaper with the dropdown. We had in the last version. now they change with a single click like how it should be. and another change we see, A change which many of you wanted to see here Ubuntu has finally dropped the Amazon web app. That it shipped with every release. Although many of you use Amazon, I don’t think anybody really used the Amazon web app that was preinstalled.

Performance and Stability Of The New Ubuntu.

Next let’s quickly have a look at the performance and the stability of the new Ubuntu 20.04 comes with the refreshed set of packages including the latest gnome desktop and the kernel. This version is way faster than the last lts release. That is Ubuntu 18.04 as the benchmarks have shown. The good folks at Phoronix conducted 199 benchmark test pitting ubuntu 20.04 against 18.04 and 20.04 came upon 72 percent of the times. And even when it’s lost it was not too far behind with respect to how it scored. The Ubuntu 18.04 had a geometric mean off 33 across all the tests. While Ubuntu 20.04 scored an impressive geometric mean of 42.

That is a mind-blowing 33 percent improvement in performance. So performance-wise I’m really happy with what I’ve seen even when you forget the numbers for a while and consider only the experience. I did feel Ubuntu 20.04 to be a response. You get a visibly fluid experience throughout the system The applications opening, browsing the web everything is faster and better.

For people who have Nvidia GPUs. We are getting the driver version 440. This is very efficient and has shown significant improvements in gaming performance too. Now you can experience much better framerates and the quality of graphics while gaming on the same hardware. So yeah, Ubuntu 20.04 is going to be Power-packed experience. This is an Lts version so it’ll be supported for the next 5 years. Ubuntu LTS versions are probably the most used Linux distros the world in at any given time.

They extremely stability-oriented and provide a computing environment that is highly dependable. Be it for schools or to deploy supercritical multi-million dollar websites. You can install it once and you’ll be good for the next 5 years.

Highly Software Avalibilty in New Ubuntu Focal Fossa.

Let’s talk about software avaliblity. Ubuntu is one of the top Distros as far as software availability is concerned. It gets official support from most software vendors. Now with the snap apps, more and more major software vendors are getting on board. With snap Ubuntu is bringing new software not only to its user base but for all the other Linux Distros to. That’s something that should be appreciated. Ubuntu has huge repositories of stable, tested packages pretty much anything you need can be installed directly from official Ubuntu repos. in a very fast convenient and secure way.

We can also use PPAs to get more software. PPAs are maintained by particular software developers themselves. So they are very dependable. Ubuntu does not always provide the latest all the packages. But that’s not a bad thing necessarily. We always get slightly older but extensively tested packages. Which are guaranteed to work flawlessly and their stability is guaranteed.

Gaming in New Ubuntu 20.04.

Last year there was an issue between Ubuntu and steam due to some miscommunication or was it. Ubuntu had talked about dropping 32-bit libraries absolutely and as we know many games rely on those libs and would no longer work. So Steam immediately responded with hints of dropping support to Ubuntu. But as of today and far as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is concerned things have been sorted out and steam still support Ubuntu. It is one of the best distros for gaming. All the games are tested and optimized for this system. So you have a flawless gaming experience. Nvidia driver version has also be bumped up to 440 here. So you are getting much better frame rates and quality of gaming with ubuntu 20.04.

Ubuntu 20.04 is good for both casual Gamers and intense gamers, with steam proton on you, can play more than 6500 windows Exclusive games on Linux without any setup hassle. Yeah, gaming on Linux has got a major bump and Ubuntu 20.04 will be one of the best ways to experience it.

Simple installation of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has a very straightforward installation. The whole thing takes just around 10 minutes and all the steps are beginner-friendly. But if you want any help with it you can comment on me and I make a simple article on it. It has always been very easy to install proprietary drivers were for things like Nvidia graphics cards. But with this version, they’ll automatically be installed at installation. If you want it. This is really convenient, especially for Linux newcomers. This is great. They can just install the OS and expect everything to be working at Top gear.

Ubuntu 20.04 Lts Desktop
Ubuntu 20.04 Lts Desktop

Conclusion On New Ubuntu.

Overall I’m very pleased with this Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Review release we are getting a stable dependable OS. That is so good to look at. The strong colors slick animations and you refine finishing make Ubuntu look really good on the eye. The boosted performance is an added bonus I really appreciate Ubuntu Developers for bringing out such a good looking and power-packed system. This is the final product and I loved it. Ubuntu has been pushing snap apps and although they have their advantages Snaps versions of all the software are not always better than the traditional apt packages. But when you search an app on the new Ubuntu software store. The snap version will be prioritized in the search results.

I really would like to have a switch using which we can turn off the snap apps like how we have an option with the apps. This would make things more to my liking and I’m sure many of you would also like this option. That’s the only thing I didn’t like here. I’m not fully against snaps too because I understand what canonical is trying to do with snaps and a clear advantage that they have. But I’m not ready to use them yet. About this one tiny issue, ubuntu 20.04 lots get the top score from me. It’s impressive and provides a solid computing environment for pretty much everybody. Students, developers, Linux gamers, businesses this system is suitable for everybody. It is more streamlined than ever. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be the de facto Linux distro for the foreseeable future. To Download Click HERE. TO Read my more article Go to My Home Page.

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