So the question is what is a Lamp server explaining in this article. The LAMP stack is a Linux Apache MySQL PHP server. It is the standard server environment used by website administrators. So most people when they think about going out and building a website. likewise a WordPress site-building or a Drupal site-building or some kind of web apps many times. They will say that they’re going to go and they’re going to build a lamp server.

What is lamp server explaining and what is in it?

So in lamp stack l represent Linux operating systems. we will not build a LAMP server without the Linux OS. You’ll use any Linux OS any sort of distributions. Whether it’s mandrake any version of Linux you wanna use that. The operating system needs to run the rest application of the lamp stack.

Apache webserver

A represents an apache web server. However, the webserver would actually present the websites to clients coming to your server. You’d use a apache webserver.

MySql server for database

Then for the database so again if you’re gonna be using WordPress or Drupal. If you’re gonna have any database functionality. You would have mysql for the M in lamp stack.

PHP server role in lamp

Then finally you’ve got P in the stack is for PHP server. This is often the programing language utilized in order to make dynamic websites. So be ready to push data to a database or pull data from a database. However, if you’ve got a form and you submit information from the shape of a database. You are going to use PHP to require that form information and put it within the database. likewise, If you’d like to run a report otherwise you want to be ready to pull information from a database. You would need PHP because of the programing language in order to drag that information out of the database.

So all we’re talking about a LAMP server is basically the standard web server that most people build if they’re going to deploy websites now it is important to understand that each one of these components offers a different type of functionality and if you don’t need that functionality you should not install. that into the server so whenever you build a LAMP server you normally unless you find a specific distribution of if you don’t install a LAMP server.

Confusion about lamp server

It’s not like you’re installing Ubuntu too you don’t just install the lamp. What you do is you install Linux and then you install Apache then you installed MySQL. Then you install PHP even then you install a couple of other things to make it all work together. So one of the important things to be thinking about is if all you need to do is present websites to your clients. So you have static websites so HTML CSS maybe Java script. If that’s all you’re doing then you can simply have a Linux Apache webserver. There’s no reason to add MySQL.

The PHP would be additional vulnerabilities possibly additional problems that you could run into. So if all you’re doing is presenting a static website. You can just do Linux and an apache. You don’t have to do the full-fledged lamp server additionally.

If you want to have some dynamic aspects of your website. But you don’t need the database in there so let’s say you want to be able to write two or three files or folders or you want to be able to do something like send emails.

But, there’s no database functionality you could do a Linux Apache PHP server and leave the MySQL out of. There so it’s very important to understand most people when they say a LAMP server. They don’t necessarily always mean a full-fledged LAMP server.


They just maybe say like I’m gonna deploy web server and they may install Linux and Apache or Linux Apache and PHP or maybe all of them or they may also install additional things on top of that basic stack many times. When people are talking about lamp servers basically all they’re actually talking about is a web server so just do you realize that these are all individual components. That you would have to install individually according to your needs. So if you don’t need to install all of them. Then you just probably should not install all of them. So that’s all a LAMP server.

In this article, I talk about what is lamp server and explain that of its features and in the next article, I cover how to install a lamp server and how to use it. Reference on wikipedia

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