Hello, penguins, Welcome back so this Article will give you a brief introduction of What is Linux operating system How Linux works? So Linux is a very powerful operating system. That many people use in the modern world. This is great for coders to understand or IT systems administrators or IOT folks really. Anybody who deals with modern technology should know how to use Linux. So the first question that comes up by new people trying to learn a Linux. Is I don’t understand what is Linux is an operating system or is it a kernel. I don’t understand the distinction and then the instructor looks at that new student goes well to make this about as clear as mud yes. It is both the kernel and the operating system also.

But then somebody else in the back of the class. No no that’s not right. what about GNU? It’s not Linux. It’s GNU Linux. Then the newbies like what is Gnu Linux and well. Is this lot of people start thinking maybe I should give up maybe I should really be a florist. So when you start talking about Linux is import understand.

Kernel basically allows all the communication to happen

That Linux is both a kernel and kinda sorta an operating system. But a lot of people out there I hate that people called Linux is an operating system and get all. It’s it gets all nasty so basically, the thing is back in 1991 the guy Linus Torvalds he created the Linux kernel. The kernel of an operating system is the lowest level component of the operating system. That basically allows all the communication to happen. So you can’t have an operating system without a kernel. But it’s also under the upper border understand. That the kernel isn’t actually that functional for much of anything on its own right.

How Linux operating system created

If you don’t have file systems if you don’t have file managers. We don’t have ways to write you know. If you don’t have device drivers. You don’t have a whole bunch of other things. The kernel itself really isn’t that useful. so back then there was a project for Richard Stallman. There is something called GNU. Basically, Richard stallman trying to do is he was trying to create a Unix alternative. So it’s important to understand to go back to 1984 operating systems are not like the operating systems of today.

They are not flashy and fancy and all that kind of stuff. Basically, they were used for things like communications routing and basically a very very industrial type of tasks. So Unix back then was a proprietary operating system and so if you wanted to build some kind of infrastructure project using the Unix operating system. You would have to pay for it. Therefor GNU the new idea is let’s create a free operating system. So that people can then use this operating system for telephone, switches, and water pumps and all kinds of wacky stuff again think about this in 1984 no one of the weird things with the gnu project.

Linux Torvalds Create Linux Kernel

They haven’t got around to writing kernel. So 1991 Linus Torvalds. He actually writes the Linux kernel and then they think okay look we can marry the Linux kernel to the Gnu project. That we’ve been doing and then we can have a full-fledged operating system. So after that point that is where we get what we think of as a Linux today. So yeah with file managers and file storage systems and all of that kind of stuff. This is the important thing to understand most of the time when you’re dealing with a Linux operating system. You’re actually interacting with Gnu Linux. So basically it’s the Gnu with the Linux kernel. That’s the operating system that you’re dealing with.

Why need branding for the Linux operating system.

But here’s the problem at real-world lesson right. It’s all about branding one of the important things about branding in the real world. You need a name people can say. Hey, what’s that and you can say. So when you see the letters G. N. U. How do you think you should pronounce that. Especially you’re a Foreigner or somebody else right. You look at gnu word. I wonder how I say that and then you look at Linux. you go I know how to say that so when somebody goes what operating system are you working with. You go and say it is Linux And so that’s where the operating system. The most were used today we call the Linux operating systems. We don’t think about the GNU part because that was just a horrible piece of branding.

Now a lot of folks in the whole GNU project and they are not happy about this fact and so if you start talking about Linux. And I don’t know fanboys type environment you may get smacked in the nose and people say we need to call get new Linux but I can tell you in the real world and the real I. T. world.

Nobody cares about it. That they say oh what servers are you run it’s like well we got a couple of a windows 2012 servers here yeah we’re we’re testing out a 2019 server and of course we’ve got our cluster of Linux servers. So in the real world we just call it Linux and if you’re going to differentiate how you’re you’re talking about the servers you may say yeah we’re running some ubuntu servers here we’re running some red hat server and some cent os servers.

So then again at the end of the day, the whole Gnu thing keeps gets left out anyway so if you’re trying to figure out is Linux a kernel or is operating system technically speaking it’s the Linux kernel in the Gnu Linux operating system but every body just calls it is Linux.

Is the Linux operating system is the same as Unix?

So now another question that comes up with a new trying to get IT technologies to say okay. So Linux uses the same type of syntax as Unix. Linux is then simply an open-source version of Unix and it is important to understand. The answer is no. That is incorrect but it does get confusing. When you’re actually interacting with the operating system because when you’re sitting there and you’re dealing with a windows server operating system

It is obvious you’re dealing with a windows server operating systems using like mac OS. They have a server operating system. It’s obvious that you’re using a Mac OS right. They are completely different. So if you go from that then sitting down to a UNIX server operating system. It’s very easy to tell them apart and there’s no confusion. There so many people when they sit down. They see Linux and then they see side by side Unix. Then they say Unix and Linux basically look the same most of what they think okay so Linux is just the community type of Unix operating system.

Gnu Linux was basically created as an alternative to Unix

So Unix is its own operating system. It’s been around for a long time and so Gnu Linux was basically created as an alternative to Unix. But when they were creating the GNU Linux operating system. They were going off of basically the standards of the time. The standards of the time it was Unix and so they sat there and they looked at it with a command line and all that. It was a lot easier to essentially use the exact same Commands within the Linux operating system. That would be using the Unix operating system to give essentially.

The same results so it’s one of those things where you can type in the exact same thing. You can get the exact same result. But how old that happens is different the underlying code is different now really honestly in the modern world. This is probably not going to be a major issue most packages that we created for Unix. They have ported it they have created a version for the different Linux distributions. But you may be in some kind of enterprise type environment. It is important to understand. That if you have some kind of package if you have some kind of application. That has to run on Unix you can’t swim simply slap that on to a Linux distribution.

Different type of Linux

How to learn Linux?

That’s not too bad but how do I can actually learn Linux. I have to go to a class or do I have to buy books. What do I have to do one of the nice things in the modern world is that Linux is easy to get your hands on. It’s easy to get information about how to use Linux one of the great things now is there is a hell of a lot of hardware out there. That you get through the operating system on or you can simply throw it into a virtual machine.

This is a big issue going back 20 years. If you’re gonna learn operating system important thing was having the hardware to actually put that operating system on. Now since you can get use VirtualBox. So you can use VirtualBox for virtualization and solver toolbox onto your computer. So whether your windows computer or a Mac computer install VirtualBox on there and then you can install Linux on it.

Install Linux on old computer

You probably have a couple of computers laying around. That you have no use for you can throw Linux on that so one of the nice things now is basically being able to find a place to install Linux should be relatively easy now. When you’re thinking about what Linux to install so we’ll talk about them in another article will talk about distributions a little bit later. But there are a lot of different distributions out there.

So we’re talking about Linux we’re talking on distributions these are the different basically the different vendors. I guess you could say you have Ubuntu, you have cent os, you have a red hat or you have a Linux mint. You have a whole bunch of different distributions of Linux out there. What I would argue especially if you’re starting is to go with the Ubuntu distribution of Linux this is currently the most popular distribution of Linux.

So when you’re learning something at the brand new. You don’t know what the hell do you else to use anyway. You might as well go with the popular one especially since it’s free. Then you go to about you can download the operating system and then you can install it onto your computer or virtual machine. I will say especially when you are learning. I would go for the desktop version of the operating system. So when you download ubuntu or some of these other distributions. You can check out my review of the new ubuntu 20.04

Use the Desktop version of Linux instead of the server

The desktop version of the operating system is whether or not you get a graphic interface. So the graphic interface we get the left click the right click the double click you’re able to use your mouse do that type of thing so if you download and install the server version of a district in Linux distribution. Once it’s installed you’re going to end up with a blinking cursor. You can get the command line and you gotta get a blinking cursor and if you’re very new that can be very intimidating because literally the server will only do what you tell it to do it if you don’t type in the right Commands of the right arguments is not gonna do anything.

So what I would argue is that you should download and install the desktop version. Because that will give you a graphic interface. That allows you to give you that nice graphical user interface. Where you can right click you can left-click you can go through the files and folders you can see. What applications are installed all that type of thing and then once you get comfortable with that? Then you can open up the terminal to get to the command line interface and then you can start typing out and learning Linux Commands.


So that was a brief warm-up for this series of Linux articles. I just want to give you a little bit of an overview of what’s going on especially nowadays because actually with things. You can get very confusing. But now you know what is a kernel and What is the Linux operating system How Linux works? So Linux is the kernel GNU Linux is the operating system but again one of the most important takeaways of this Article is when you do a horrible job of branding people are just gonna call your product Linux and no matter how hard it’s going to change that.

It’s just how it goes so Linux. That is really very easy to learn don’t get scared yeah there’s a lot of snobs out there are a lot of people you know stuck up their noses in their little. It’s not that complicated basically they just want to make themselves feel better. So they make it seemed complicated so then you’re like wow you must be smart at the end of the day. But really it’s a lot of note-taking right because in order to interact with Linux especially at the command line.

you have to type in the Commands with the arguments. If you do that it works if you don’t do it. It doesn’t work. So really what you gotta do is it just simply got to learn the Commands and you get whether you memorize. That is put that bag down to notebook. That’s all you need do to make that collects operating system work it is important to understand. That Linux is not Unix. GNUs not Unix. The Unix was getting it’s open-source now but it was a proprietary operating system to get going back to 1984. They were looking for a free open to it to create a free operating system. So people could use that back then and so they simply use the same Commands. The same syntax with the same outputs. That Unix was using at the time.

So if you put Unix and Linux side by side for the most part. It looks almost identical. So people get confused and importing understand is you can type in the same command and you can get the same result. But what happens on the back end of may be very different let’s all get.

In the modern world, this probably is not going to be a problem for you but if you have an application of the software. That’s built specifically for Unix. It will not run on Linux. If you running a Linux operating system and you need to install some kind of software for Unix. You can’t just install. It’s not the same thing so really I mean if you want to learn Linux. You need to do is go out download a ubuntu desktop operating system install into a virtual machine or install that into some crappy desktop or laptop computer. You have to have around and just go and start playing with it. So that’s pretty much going to be for this article guys thank you so much for reading if you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments section.

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